Embroidery is a versatile and artistic craft that involves decorating fabrics with needle and thread. It has a rich history that dates back thousands of years and has been practiced by cultures all over the world. From intricate floral designs to bold geometric patterns, embroidery allows individuals to express their creativity and add a personal touch to clothing, accessories, and home decor items. To begin learning embroidery, you will need a few basic supplies such as embroidery floss, an embroidery hoop, and needles. There are various techniques to master, including satin stitch, backstitch, and French knot. Each stitch has its own unique purpose and effect. With practice and patience, you can create stunning pieces of embroidery that showcase your skills and imagination. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced embroiderer, there are countless resources available, such as books, online tutorials, and workshops, to help you refine your techniques and inspire new ideas. So why not pick up a needle and thread and start your embroidery journey today?

Personal Branding

Personal creativity is a subjective experience that allows individuals to express themselves freely. It is important to trust in your own ideas, even if they deviate from societal norms. Since 2015, I have been actively involved in reviewing cars and hotels, providing valuable insights into their features and amenities. Additionally, I have incorporated my unique style into lifestyle reviews. However, I recently made the decision to focus on developing my personal brand, ensuring that my individuality shines through in all aspects of my work.

Stepping out of any supercar like the Ferrari Roma was the perfect product placement.

Ferrari Roma Gracie Opulanza White pearl

Kingfly embroidery Gracie Opulanza denim car jeans Aston Martin Vantage Roadster Chipping Camden

KingFly Embroidery

In collaboration with David Morrish, a skilled digital embroidery artist, a remarkable design was created. David’s inspiration for the design came from his admiration of the embroidery showcased in the Aston Martin. If you’re wondering why denim is a popular choice, you’ll be interested to know that Levi’s jeans have been known to last for over a century, as mentioned in this article. There is no better way to market my brand than in a Aston Martin Vantage Roadster.

David Mastermind Idea

I started with your initials which spelt out the word “GO” and instantly had the Vision of a car race with the words “GO GO GO “ stuck in my head. The feel of the design was inspired by a visit to The Carding Shed in Holmfirth, which is an automotive-themed cafe. On the walls were retro and vintage car-related posters, mostly old advertisements for fuel, spark plugs or car brands.

I knew then I wanted a pop art style, a colourful feel, with go-faster stripes representing the road and also a sense of speed. Since trousers have two legs, each with a front and back, it gave me an opportunity to experiment with composition, but I was keen to make the left and right leg imagery work together when the wear is stood with their legs together. I opted for an external car view and then a not-so-obvious internal view (so the viewer is the driver), both of a vintage car, that isn’t recognisable to anyone from one particular brand.  I chose bright, bold positive colours for a feel-good factor.

Upcycling Denim Tips

If you’re looking for high-quality denim, consider checking out charity or vintage stores. The denim fabric used in the past was known for its durability, making it a great choice for embroidery on jeans. Specifically, Indigo denim is recommended for its strength and washability. While it may be a bit pricey, this type of denim ensures that the embroidery stands out while maintaining the classic denim appearance.

Denim is so robust as you can read here about Levi’s jeans that lasted over one hundred years.

Levi's red tag vintage jeans

Levis red tag denim Lucca Italy

Embroid Your Cuffs

While exploring the streets of Tuscany, I couldn’t help but notice the popularity of oversized cuff trends. Cuffing jeans not only serves a practical purpose by shortening them without the need for alterations, but it also adds a stylish touch. This simple technique allows you to personalize your raw denim jeans, which often appear similar to one another. Personally, I have owned a pair of Prada indigo denim jeans for over five years, and they complement my Bentley perfectly.

I receive numerous compliments on how cool my jeans look, particularly when I cuff them. I prefer an exaggerated cuff look because it showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating a unique statement.

Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (12)

The Feedback

The cuffed look is often praised for its coolness, especially when done correctly. Creating an exaggerated cuff requires time, effort, and a bespoke touch, showcasing a level of creativity and craftsmanship. Can you see the GO and steering wheel synergies here?



Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (12)

How To Cuff Your Message

David and I collaborated on a call-to-action message focused on cars and my unique personality. The goal was to incorporate the initials GO, create a comic-inspired aesthetic, and include a vintage touch. We also wanted to feature a car image that was embroidered with a fluorescent reflective print.

This was an entirely new concept, and we were unsure of the outcome, but it definitely catches people’s attention. During my time in the Cotswolds, I noticed that everywhere I went, people approached me and asked where I got the denim from.

The design looks particularly striking when placed behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Vantage Roadster.

For me, it’s all about embracing a lifestyle filled with passion and emotion, especially when it comes to driving any car. David presented several designs, and I ultimately selected this one.

The End Result

This groundbreaking endeavor is a first-of-its-kind, with uncertain but captivating results.

When deciding on the number of pockets to embroider, we opted for just one. The outcome was truly incredible, especially with my eye-catching call-to-action logo. My suggestion is to collaborate with David, as he is the artist who can bring your vision to life creatively.

In the Cotswolds, I received numerous inquiries from people asking about the source of my denim attire as I walked around.

Bespoke Cars Versus Bespoke Fashion

It looked so striking behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Vantage Roadster. Bespoke car fashion is a growing trend in the automotive industry. With the rise in demand for personalized vehicles, car owners are seeking unique and customized options to reflect their individual style and taste. From custom paint jobs to tailored interiors, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind car. Instructing professional car designers and upholsterers is the key to achieving the desired look and feel. These experts can guide car owners through the process, offering advice and suggestions to ensure the final product exceeds expectations. Whether it’s a classic car restoration or a modern luxury vehicle, bespoke car fashion allows car enthusiasts to stand out from the crowd and make a statement on the road. So, if you’re looking to make your car truly your own, consider exploring the world of bespoke car fashion and unlock a whole new level of automotive customization.

Kingfly embroidery Gracie Opulanza denim car jeans Aston Martin Vantage Roadster Chipping Camden

Kingfly embroidery Gracie Opulanza denim car jeans Aston Martin vantage Roadster

When choosing a car, I prioritize lifestyle, passion, and emotion. David considered several designs, and ultimately I selected this one.

Kingfly embroidery Gracie Opulanza denim car jeans Aston Martin Vantage

When deciding on pocket embroidery, consider whether you want one or two pockets. In this case, we chose to embroider just one pocket with our call to action logo, and the outcome was fantastic. A helpful design tip is to collaborate with David, as he is a talented artist who can bring creativity to your vision.

Kingfly embroidery Gracie Opulanza denim car jeans Aston Martinn Vantage Chipping Camden

I just adore the message and the uniqueness of what we both created here.

Being creative should be personal. It doesn’t matter if it is wrong, as long as you believe in it.

Bentley GT Continental

If you are considering purchasing a car with a price tag of 250,000 pounds, it is important to match your attire to the elegance of a Bentley GT Continental. Bentley cars are custom-made to the buyer’s specific preferences, similar to the personalized embroidery on my jeans. The vehicle should reflect the individual’s vibrant personality. As of 2023, Bentley Motors will introduce embroidery art on their dashboards, adding an exciting touch to their designs. The possibilities are endless!

When wearing trainers for activities that require speed and acceleration, it is advisable to avoid red leather ones as they can divert attention away from any embroidered prints on the shoes. In a recent instance, a family approached me while I was wearing trainers for a Speed Queen acceleration event. Interestingly, they were more interested in inquiring about the embroidery on my shoes rather than showing any curiosity towards the car itself.

David chose to add strips on the back of the cuffs to create a sense of balance in the overall design. This unique idea has never been seen before in the world of bespoke fashion.

Bentley GT Continental Morrocan Blue Cotswolds. Gracie Opulanza 2022jpg (2)

Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Kingfly denim (4)