Ah, the eternal quest for the perfect travel ensemble! It’s a journey fraught with peril for those of us with a penchant for both style and comfort. My recent escapade through Italy served as the ultimate test for my newest obsession: a vintage Pucci playsuit. Let me tell you, this piece isn’t just clothing; it’s a travel companion that turns heads and soothes souls with its vibrant hues and forgiving design.

Coco Chanel, the grande dame of fashion, once preached the gospel of clothes that marry comfort with glamour. Inspired by her wisdom, I embarked on a quest for an outfit that would see me through the cobbled streets of Rome and the gondola-strewn canals of Venice without sacrificing an iota of style. Enter the Pucci playsuit, a masterpiece of color, comfort, and sheer joy. Wearing this playsuit, I conquered 20km daily walks through Rome, turning heads with the bright, joyful print. It wasn’t just a fashion statement; it was a testament to the joy of embracing life, step by vibrant step. The elastic waistband offered a forgiving embrace for my silhouette, expanding with each delightful indulgence Italy had to offer.

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Vatican city Pucci vintage print Gracie Opulanza 2021

Pucci Vintage Fabric

Crafted from the most forgiving vintage Pucci fabric, this playsuit feels like a dream against the skin, akin to wearing pajamas in public but looking infinitely more chic. Adjustments were a must to accommodate my curves, especially to avoid the dreaded drawstring waistband that does no favors for anyone with a menopause belly. Thanks to some clever tailoring, the playsuit was transformed to flatter without constriction, allowing for gelato indulgences without a second thought.

Sleeve Designs

The design of the sleeves was a particular point of pride. Inspired by the Victorian era but with a modern twist, we opted for a combination of butterfly and bell sleeves. The result? Sleeves that make a statement, fluttering with every gesture, embodying my animated personality without risking damage to the garment. This was crucial, as my previous encounters with restrictive clothing often ended in tears—literally.

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Travel Practicalities

But let’s talk practicalities. Playsuits and urgent bathroom visits have historically been a recipe for disaster. However, this design, with its strategically placed pearl buttons, meant I could navigate such emergencies with grace and speed, sparing me from the dreaded public restroom floor fiasco.

The playsuit wasn’t just a garment; it was a travel hack. Bell sleeves added elegance without hindering movement, and the addition of elastic at the wrists ensured they stayed in place, whether I was raising a glass in a toast or navigating a particularly tricky restroom visit. This design wasn’t just about looking good; it was about feeling unencumbered, free to explore without the worry of wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort.

Trevi Fountain Rome

Vatican City St Peters Basilica Rome

Sustainable Message

Moreover, this Pucci playsuit embodied a sustainable choice in an era of fast fashion. Opting for bespoke pieces might come with a higher price tag, but the value lies in longevity, both in style and wear. It’s a small rebellion against the disposable culture of clothing, choosing instead a piece that adapts to my body’s changes over time.

Traveling through Italy in my Pucci playsuit was more than a fashion statement; it was a celebration of life’s pleasures—beauty, comfort, and the joy of discovery. It proved that style and practicality could go hand in hand, allowing me to embrace every experience with open arms and a confident stride. So, to all my fellow travelers seeking the holy grail of travel fashion, consider the playsuit—not just any playsuit, but one that sings with color, dances with comfort, and adapts with grace. Italy, with all its splendor, deserves nothing less.

Rome vatican museum

Vatican Museum 2021

Villa Wear

Complementing the playsuit, a turban made from the same fabric became my secret weapon against bad hair days, especially indispensable after a day at the beach or when a seaside cocktail called my name. It was the cherry on top of my travel wardrobe, ensuring I looked put-together with minimal effort.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

Accessories Tips

Accessorizing my vibrant Pucci playsuit was no small feat. The ensemble needed something that could match its dynamism yet introduce a touch of edgy sophistication. That’s where my Benheart leather jacket came into play. Crafted from the softest leather, it draped over my shoulders like a second skin, its rich texture contrasting beautifully with the playful patterns of the playsuit. This jacket wasn’t just a piece of clothing; it was a statement of resilience and style, a perfect companion to the Pucci’s flamboyance.

But what is a statement outfit without a bit of boldness? Enter my lioness leather belt. This wasn’t just any belt; it featured a buckle as grand and imposing as a Roman door handle, a nod to the ancient city’s majestic architecture. This belt cinched my waist, creating a silhouette that was both powerful and feminine, a true embodiment of the lioness spirit within.

Footwear, however, posed a unique challenge. The streets of Rome and Venice are infamous for their cobblestones, beautiful yet merciless on the unprepared traveler. High heels were out of the question; this called for comfortable yet stylish trainer wear. I opted for a pair that blended seamlessly with the overall look—chic, understated, yet capable of carrying me through miles of exploration without a hint of discomfort. These trainers were more than just shoes; they were my trusty companions on this Italian adventure, silently supporting every step of my journey.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

I reviewed the famous Hotel Excelsior on the island of Lidal. Known for the Venice Film Festival. Heading to the amazing hotel.

Riva boat Hotel Excelsior Lido Riva boat Hotel Excelsior Lido

This ensemble—Pucci playsuit, Benheart Italy leather jacket, lioness belt, and stylish trainers—was more than just a collection of items. It was a testament to the art of travel fashion, a perfect blend of comfort, style, and practicality. Each piece played its part in creating a look that was as functional as it was fabulous, allowing me to traverse Italy’s storied landscapes with ease and confidence. It was a reminder that, with the right outfit, the world is not just a place to see but a runway to conquer.

Vatican City Post office Rome

Gracie Opulanza Pucci print vintage onesie Rome italy Vatican City 2021 (1)

Vatican City Rome 2021 Pucci print Gracie Opulanza