In the 1930s Coco Chanel taught us the art of combining clothes that are comfortable but look glamourous. I chose the following vintage Pucci fabric because I need as many colours to get me through another few weeks of lockdown.

This beach pyjama ticks all the boxes when it comes to flattering day wear. One of the ingenious reason is this beach pyjama is liking wearing pyjamas.

I slept in this beach pyjama to highlight how comfortable it is.

There are only 20mt of fabric to this limited collection. Once the orders are in we can’t source this fabric again.

I like that because it means this beach pyjama is a niche collection that only five women will get access to around the globe.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

Flattering Verus Unflattering

This new plus-size movement of I have gained weight therefore I can wear anything that I choose.  Is a great definition of unflattering. I know larger women who understand their body type and play by the rules. They just look amazing for it. They look very flattering.

I have large arms and breasts and I know when to stay away from unflattering garments.  It’s this reason we designed this beach pyjama for my lifestyle and body type.

Bulging Stomach The Elastic Waist Band

I used to be slimmer and now my new battle with body image is my stomach. My stomach was very flat and flattering. I could wear bikinis and my daywear clothing was never limiting. I could rock even a crop top. Those days are over unless I lose weight. That I am not really keen to do.

I need to feel confident and comfortable in what I wear.

I have had two caesareans and anything tight around my stomach hurts my muscles after a while.

This pyjama beachwear covers my stomach.

By placing elastic around my waistline it gives me more movement within the garment. It does not limit my stomach throughout the day when it grows, thanks to extra eating. The thick belt covers the elastic which completes the flattering finishes around my waist. No one sees that I have an elastic band. I also can choose to use the belt as a scarf and place other belts to also cover the elastic. So the feature, when people are looking at me, is all about focusing at the belt, not my large stomach.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

Toilet Challenges

Playsuits are challenging when going to the toilet. Taking them off at my age needs to be easy. Elastic is very moveable for when I have to take it off. In the past, my playsuits had no buttons so taking it off when in a hurry for the ladies room turned into a wet mess.

Imagine this at an event when I had no other clothing to change in to.

So the shirt button design eliminated this pressure. The pearl buttons need only to be taken off above the elastic waistline. So when nature calls unexpectedly this beach pyjama can be taken off very easy and fast. The design of the garment due to the buttons means in public places. The fabric does not end up on the public floor full of other women’s wet mess.

With my other playsuit, this happens all the time and I feel sick to the core about it.

This beach pyjama is fabulous when I have my swimwear underneath. As it can also be taken off discretely and elegantly.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

Butterfly & Bell Sleeves

In my mind, I have unflattering large arms. I hate exposing them in public. I was inspired by the Victorian blouse. So the design of the sleeves was decided by using a combination of butterfly and bell sleeves. I wanted to make a massive sleeve statement. My personality is very animated and I move a lot. When my garments are restricted I tend to rip the garment where it is stitched. Sleeves are the first part of the clothing that I tend to tear.

A bell sleeve can be either long or short and is usually set smoothly into the armscye and flares toward the bottom. We did this as I love the feel and look of how the fabric flows. Bell sleeves end anywhere from the elbow to the wrist.

So to avoid tearing at the seems we also combined a flared sleeves ending at the upper bicep which is called butterfly sleeves.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

The flattering and clever design result is when I put my arms above my head. The sleeves move not the body garment. It’s so comfortable and does not take away from the glorious look of the beach pyjama.

We added elastic to my wrist so I could slide the sleeves up and down. Perfect design when sipping a cocktail or going to the bathroom.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)

Sustainable Fashion

Psychologically due to the design, I feel confident that this beach pyjama can be worn all day and in hot climates. Due to the elastic waistband, it allows me to wear this garment all year round and for a long time.

I don’t have the worry that it won’t fit me when gaining extra weight.

That is why when I order bespoke clothing for my body type. It may cost more compared to fast fashion items. But it saves me cash in the long run. This beach pyjama will be worn to death because it looks amazing and it is comfortable like wearing a pyjama.

Regarding how this garment was made and it’s the sustainable message.

I know where the fabric came from and I have experienced the hard work and time it took to create it. This Pucci vintage fabric is a limited stock sold on. Therefore the sustainable message is that we used the last part of an existing collection.

We did not source it to be made from scratch and this is an excellent example of green footprint in action.

Forty & Fifty Body Shapes

Why I adore this beach pyjama is because women in their forties and fifty bodies have changed, mine included. Menopause for most women start at this age and the stomach swells due to hormones. This beach pyjama ticks all those boxes because the Pucci fabric feels lovely and the overall design I have insisted on is why I can wear it all day long.

Wearing prints like this for a larger woman really works. This can be confirmed by the movie  Steel magnolias where these women rocked printed outfits.

Matching Turban

I chose this because its a gorgeous fabric and very versatile that goes with other garments. The turban is multifunctional and great for covering bad hair days. At the beach, I always have my hair tucked away for an elegant complete finish to my overall outfit. When at the beach when I decide to have a cocktail or a meal  This turban will cover very sandy and messy hair.

Beach Pyjama - Vintage Pucci For Larger Women Reviewed gracie opulanza 2021 (2)


I decided to wear it with red Caretti clogs because at the beach or beside a pool your footwear like my beach pyjama has to work with my opulent lifestyle. That means everything has to come off very easily and I need to be comfortable.

The colour red goes so well with this Pucci print. So if you want a more toned outfit, slip on a red jacket.