She is one hundred now and has just done a collaboration with fast fashion brand, H&M. It’s her oversize eyewear this self-made married with no children lady. We have all come to be inspired by.

Iris Apfel calls herself a ‘geriatric starlet’ but to many, including me, she is an inspiration. She is one of the very few people who has not allowed age to define her opulent taste, let alone tone down her eccentric looks. Iris, like me, has had a lifetime’s obsession with dressing up.

She is a trend setter.

She is a fan of an opulent lifestyle. By dressing up its how she showcases her own sense of fashion.

Her style highlights her own taste on fashion trends. When it comes to layering and colour she takes it to a whole new level.

iris apfel - fashion icon

Her Style Outlook

Five years ago Iris’s clothes went on display at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute. Since then she has taken the fashion world by storm. Her looks are now so legendary, so otherworldly, that what Iris wears or says at the age of 99 now can set the trend for others to follow and admire.

Like me, she creates new things to resemble another trend. Hence she got bored with her sleek orange Geoffrey Beene jumpsuit that also contained, chunks of turquoise. She has now turned into a belt. A trendsetter will always tap into their existing wardrobe and re-vamp a style.

Fashion Is About What You Are Drawn Too.

I love her outlook on the price of fashion, Apfel asserts that she would never spend $700 on a handbag – not because she doesn’t have $700 to spend, but because she doesn’t think handbags should cost that much. Iris also admits that she’d never spend more than $15 on a pair of jeans. I thought I was a bargain hunter! Iris Apfel is an excellent fashion icon who has no boundaries when it comes to outrageous outfits and her passion for fashion is one that can only be described as legendary.

Iris Apfel el pais 2013

Layering The Accessories

How many necklaces can she wear with one outfit? She is the master of wearing excess jewellery in as many ways and colours she feels like.

Iris Apfel el pais 2013

Red Fashion

She wears her own colours markets no brand. When she wears red it’s because it is how she is feeling for the day.

Iris Apfel Dazed & Confused

Costume Jewellery

She wears a lot of Swarovski costume jewellery. They are rare and very niche to her ESPF personality type.



Iris Apfel Jewelry Collection

Iris Apfel Jewelry Collection

Oversize Eyewear is her statement piece.

Iris-Apfel-for-Mac-Cosmetics, fashion icon

Makeup Collection

Victory lipstick is a colour she always wears with nearly all of her outfits.

Iris Apfel Personal Obsessions

Oversize Eyewear

Iris’s signature fashion accessory is her glasses. They are a statement of never allowing one’s perception alters the course of who she is.

Her oval oversize eyewear is why I bought my Prada glasses.

iris apfel - fashion icon

Chunky Bracelets

She loves to wear as many bracelets as possible. It’s her signature thing.

iris apfel - fashion icon

Chunky accessories are her thing

iris apfel - fashion icon

Iris is a person that understands her personal style personality. She is not a fashion follower.