I’ve always preferred wearing flats in the daytime, partly because I’m no model, so I don’t think I can tower over most men and get away with it. But for those of you who detest them, I urge you to consider the ankle boot. Not only are they, obviously, more comfortable than heels, as far as flats go they actually can be quite flattering – I will admit you’re better off with a heeled boot if you are shorter, but they’re still far more favourable than the knee-high. There is something about their chunkiness that is able to give the illusion of skinnier ankles, which in turn can make your legs look longer. And who doesn’t want that?! Unlike ballet pumps, they have some of the assertiveness you get from a heel, and they are incredibly versatile – however you want to style them, there is an ankle boot out there for just about everyone.

 Six Ways to Wear Flat Ankle Boots

  1. If you want to pair ankle boots with a skirt or dress, avoid wearing a hem that ends below the knee as this will shorten your legs. Remember, the higher the rise of the boots, the shorter your skirt or dress.
  2. Tuck a pair of skinny jeans or leggings into your ankle boots to create a long lean leg line. This works best if your trousers are the same colour as your boots.
  3. If you’re wearing an evening dress, try swapping your heels for a pair of ankle boots. The juxtaposition between hard and soft will make for an interesting, fashion-forward look. Again, just be sure that the hem of the dress is above the knee so you can create a long leg line.
  4. Show off the tops of your ankles by wearing your boots with cuffed or rolled-up jeans.
  5. Ankle boots can tone down a mini skirt. Pair a chunkier, heavier ankle boot with a skirt in a fuller silhouette to create a really interesting mix of masculine and feminine.
  6. Opt for combat or biker style ankle boots to make an outfit look grungy or punk. If an off-duty model is what you’re going for, these are the boots you want.

Take a look at the multiple ways these ankle boots have been styled. You rock Daniel images by UrbanSpotter