Over the last thirty-five years, I have bought and given away so many clothes and shoes. I feel physically ill on how much money I have wasted. So much money has been spent over the years experimenting on what makes me feel happy, nurturing my self-esteem and how other’s perceive me.

It’s been my wellness retreat to spend my hard earn cash on clothes to make me feel fulfilled.

Buying clothing on average is the worse investment anyone can ever do. I sell on Vestiaire as it’s a good platform to sell items at a loss. At least it helps me heal a broken heart of a wardrobe that I spent trying to make me feel content.

It’s The Hunt I Love

I have a talent for finding gems amongst vintage clothing. The adrenalin of a good buy for a luxury fashion item at a fraction of the cost is what fulfils me. Scouting for very niche items is also a passion I have. I have always worn clothes against the trend. My wellness is to stand out. My mental strength is all about wearing items no one else is wearing. I have always mastered it.

Olive green weaving bag made in Italy roses

Roberta Di Camerino Gondola clutch bags venice vintage interwoven leather lace

The above bags are one-off items made in Italy. That I will keep to I die. That is what makes me happy.

Selling Luxury Brands

You can look at my Vestiaire account and see what I have sold. My wellness strategy is to get as much cashback as I can. To get rid of as many luxury items that don’t fit me. That don’t make me feel good. All of the shoes I am selling are all about the one’s can not walk in. I am addicted to selling all of my luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Givenchy and Versace as I can.

By selling these cult brands that have made me believe that my self worth is in buying them. Is the most gratifying revelation I have had over the years.

My best compliments come from me wearing clothes I had made for myself. Not luxury brands we all know of.

Woolmark Australia - Raising Quality Awareness Of Wool

The red cape has been made for me, it makes me feel amazing. Better than wearing a Dior bag that is made for everyone.

In reflection over the last 35years. It’s when I wore the clothes that made me feel, fulfilled, confident and free. Are the ones I held onto the most.

They were the clothes that made other’s smile, draw attention to getting to know me personally.

Lady Gaga House Of Gucci Film Ridley Scott (2)

It’s when people stop, stare and come up to me asking where my item is from. Is the best mental health and wellness therapy money can buy.

Hot New Patterns For Crocheting Sweaters And Knitwear Gracie Opulanza 2021 crotchet dress (2)

This crochet dress was made for me. It took three months and no one else in the world has it. I get stopped all the time when I wear it. This is what I define luxury fashion.

Wellness Is About Balance

How many of us do women go around the same mountain to learn that it’s a self-destructive path when it comes to buying from Zara or other fast fashion? I have walked out buying so many clothes I don’t need. I feel very sad about it. Because I bought it for the wrong reasons.

My bad habit is buying luxury items on sale. Thinking I have the bargain of the year in doing so.

In today’s world of fast fashion. There will always be a bargain.

It’s all about self-control when I choose not to buy anything. It’s so damn hard not to buy anything. Now I ask myself before I buy it, do I need this? Why am I buying it? What is really going on deep within me? It’s ok to feel fear, sadness. It’s not ok not to deal with it.

I have this fear that I am always missing out. It’s because I grew up in a poor family. What I mean is I always had amazing food on the table. A warm bed, house and a solid upbringing

What was missing is that I always had my clothes given to me. Or I had them made for me. This in my mind made me feel embarrassed and ashamed.

Now I love buying second-hand clothes. As I understand it’s the beauty of how it was made not the age of the clothes.

vintage white fabric blouse

The shirt is fifty years old.

The Imbalance Of Not Wearing Luxury Fashion Brands

I always envied my rich friends who had money to buy the latest trends in clothing. It defined them and they looked so damn cool. I felt ashamed that I had shoes and clothes that were out of trend, second hand or made for me.

This is a pattern that sticks within my self-esteem. I grew up surrounded by Italian Alta Moda, the only issue was I was never wearing it.

This is why when I had the cash I would buy, dump, give clothes away like no tomorrow. It never fulfilled the void of just understanding that the missing link was being contented with what I had. Not believing the income would last to live this lifestyle.

Fear always made me buy the wrong clothes, fear of missing out on something is why I end up hoarding 50 pairs of new shoes never worn.

I am in the process of selling many more items. I feel too to unlock the new adventures that are coming my way.

This is not to make money this is to free my cluttered mind of past regrets.

Tuscany Made In Italy

I often look into a mirror and ponder my future garden.

Wardrobe In Storage

For the last 22months, my wardrobe has been in storage. I sold all my furniture and went travelling to Italy. I will finally collect the boxes. I am so intrigued when I unpack them, knowing how much will I sell? It’s the designer clothes that will go. Why?

I am selling all my designer clothes because I bought them out of trauma I bought them to show everyone I am rich.

That is not where my self worth comes from. It never did. Also, designer clothes are not luxury items for me. They are fast fashion with a higher price tag.

In the last 20 months, I have teamed up with Italian artisans that have made me beautiful clothing I will keep for a lifetime. That I truly am made from the heart.

Clothes have that mental impact on me. If they feel horrible I end up throwing them out. That is a waste of money and my time.

This green moss blanket I adore. No one has this chunky knit. Many designers asked where I bought it from? This is wonderful for my mental health the knowing I am wearing a one-off item that people love. It’s functional and very versatile because it keeps me warm in Tuscany.

Green moss gracie opulanza Tuscany 2021 150 year old tree wool (5)

Red Cape

Last winter I had this red cape made. No capes were anywhere to be found. I can’t believe how many capes are on the market for this winter.

But no one has this red cape as it was made for my body shape and lifestyle. This is what makes me very happy because of the colour and that it is wool.

wool red cape Gracie Opulanza tuscany italy (2)

Vintage  Fur

I have two fur mink coats I bought years ago. I adore them as they look fabulous. They are controversial in wearing them. I like to draw attention to myself.

Fur mink coat 2021

Gracie Opulanza with Fur Coat

I am selling on Vestiaire with a purpose in mind. I am making space in my mind, soul and heart for new experiences. To pave away for handcrafted clothing that soothes the soul. To fit into my new existing lifestyle. To understand that stuff does not make me happy. Decluttering my clothes is all about new beginnings. And creating new energy for bigger challenges my mind needs to deal with.