I’m a huge lover of leather, leather jackets and best of all Rock Star women. Joan Jett is one of my inspirations. Who the heck is Joan Jett? A woman with a great voice, rock star attitude and a lot of leather gear. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts is the woman who told the world by voice and what she wore that she loves Rock’N Roll. It’s the epic song I adore called I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Why Do We Admire Rock Stars?

It’s simple we all want to be noticed and made to be seen as influential over people. The fact that rock stars have so much power over a crowd for that given moment is what we adore the most.It’s the mystique element that when they are on stage your imagination goes wild. They in reality are your fantasy. If you can be part of their circle of influence whether it be positive or negative is not an issue. It’s just about power and how super cool they can be ON STAGE. Also those lyrics are going to suck you in every single time. It’s the power music and musicians have over us all. Again it’s them having control over your imagination.

It’s also an instant gratification to your own ego if you end up with one,  to say to the world, damn I made it.  I AM IMPORTANT.

Joan Style Icon For Rock Fashion

It’s no doubt in my mind that whatever hairstyle let alone what leather gear she is going to wear in the next coming months. It is going to explode with us wannabe Rock Stars. How do you choose your leather gear? How do you choose the right colour jacket? What’s the difference between leather and pleather?

Tips for Buying A  Leather Jacket

Below is the latest interview with Joan Jet.




Joan Jett and the blackhearts

Joan Jett -Wearing a red leather jacket

Joan Jett Today

Joan Jett - I love Rock n Roll

Joan Jett