Venus Cow Will Show You How

As a Life Coach and Social Entrepreneur, forever teaching others how to find true happiness by living the dream and discovering purpose, I had no qualms when I reached rock bottom about designing my own staple clothing range Venus Cow, including the PBL, .

In 2005 I had a near death experience after losing my fortune on the stock market, finding myself homeless, penniless and dying in LA. This life changing experience forced me take a long hard look at my past and work out where it had all gone wrong, in order to reinvent myself and get back on top again.

Starting a new business without investment, in a recession, I knew would be almost impossible so I decided to take a few years out from business and use this time to discover my own purpose and live my dream. I worked with the homeless and the addicted, offering a sympathetic ear, then delivering some brutal truth common sense coaching, which worked for them and left me with a real desire to provide as much free help as I could going forward.

I created a free life coaching website so anyone could go there anytime and with my help, keep a journal to change bad habits into good ones, in order to discover optimistic thinking and personal success. This website is now helping many people online and I have discovered my purpose at last, free life coaching the homeless and addicted when and wherever I can.

Fashion has always been a passion being an ex-designer junkie shopaholic, so when I was thinking about how I could fund my free life coaching work plus live my dream, creating my own stylish quality, affordable staple, made in England collection, was created. Venus Cow the brand is all about giving back, taking less and offering something real, worthwhile and exciting to the customer who in return is valued and inspired to support my mission and work on themselves.

I am really proud of my Venus Cow PBL perfect black leggings, size 6 to 22, designed to fit any age, shape or size with no see through, no muffin top and no bagging, just pure comfortable dense fabric that pings back every time after wearing.  Presenting this fabulous essential fashion staple to the world is now my dream come true. I spent my whole life searching for the perfect black legging, forever disappointed, so designing my own was a miracle and every pair I sell helps fund my free life coaching.

I am creating a new online retail model that challenges the tired fashion trends of the catwalk and the cheap disposable throw away rubbish, filling the High Street right now, where unless you’re an airbrushed size 6, you’re unlikely to find anything that fits. Real bodies require real clothes that not only look good but also make you feel good. At you get both plus a daily dose of my common sense lifestyle, fashion and life coaching top tips to encourage a healthier happy you.

Venus Cow - Black leggingsVenus Cow - Black leggingsVenus Cow - Black leggingsVenus Cow - Black leggingsVenus Cow - Black leggings