Cigarette smoking has declined dramatically over the past decade, especially among young people. Now, women are trying pipes as an alternative to smoking.

Hugh Hefner, his pipe was as much a part of his satyr-savant image as his ascot, smoking jacket, and an ever-present bottle of Pepsi. The Playboy Philosophy, which might be described as one big pipe dream, put Hef well on his way to becoming the world’s most famous pipe smoker.

The world’s best-known pipe smoker is Sherlock Holmes.

Millicent and Congress smoking a pipe


Women’s images when smoking a pipe is not popular for 2021. It is very rare to see women smoking cigars too. So why is smoking a pipe a hard sell?

She is a woman that is on a mission. To brand herself as one of a kind. Her statement piece being that oversized eyewear and those impulsive interviews. So what on earth is she up to now? In her own reflective words. I’m amazed at how very few pipe smokers, smokers of tobacco there are. When was the last time you saw someone smoking a pipe? Let alone a woman? I’ve known Gracie Opulanza for a long while now. So when she announced she was going to buy a pipe, in a room full of men, there was an eerie silence. Over the top and random, that Gracie Opulanza.

“I believe pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs,” said Albert Einstein, a pipe smoker.

Katherine Hepburn always smoked in a suit.

Katherine Hepburn - Vintage Style Modern Tips

Woman smoking a pipe in 1954

The Buying Experience

So in 24 hours, she was off to the pipe shop. Choosing pipes is all like choosing a pair of shoes. It all comes down to the image of the pipe. Not many women want to portray this masculine image. As a guest in the shop, I chose a wooden pipe as I like natural materials. A pipe can be very expensive and cost over $1000. Regarding the tobacco I opted for vanilla essence tobacco It is a nice lady-like smell.

Gracie Opulanza - MenStyleFashion

The First Puff

In true extrovert form, an audience was waiting for the first-ever pipe introduction. It takes a skill to learn how to some a pipe. So make sure you practice at home. You need to continually puff when keeping the pipe going. It is a slow lifestyle operation. During this time if you are seeking a new image then take up the art of smoking an elegant pipe.

Suit Style

I like to smoke in a suit as I feel it’s more about contemplating business and life itself. This device is all about intimidation and reaping a reward when talking business.

For me, it’s a politician’s image of power against men and women when smoking a pipe as a woman. Regarding statistics smoking a pipe is all about the conviction of the person who is watching. To either be inspired or not.

Andi McDowell smoking a pipe