In Fashion There Is A Saying,  It’s Who You Know Not What You Do That Will Get You Into Places

I want to encourage anyone that the influence you have regarding Social Media Marketing will and can challenge the biggest players in fashion. Your on-line numbers will speak for themselves. For me the new marketing trend for fashion is about what you do that counts. It may take longer but trust me, it will pay off. Thanks to social media, you can have a powerful impact on-line in a different way regarding fashion. In 2016 I am now regarded as the female voice for menswear.

Luxury Week London 2015

It was MenStyleFashion first ever Social Media Marketing Event. Proving how influential we have become on-line in 2016. You can read all about it here.


Luxury Week London 2015

I have built not knowing anyone in fashion. I’ve not used any PR company to promote who I am and what I do. How have I become so influential on-line? What is it about my innovative ideas that our followers adore?  How has MenStyleFashion overtaken the elitist in the UK on a social media front?

It’s simple, what I do counts and makes a difference. I am a channel in my own right, both on-line and on YouTube.

You Only As Good As Your Followers

For me I work every waking hour trying to come up with new and interesting ways of presenting men’s fashion in a different light to everyone else. I have to think outside the box. One way is through my impulsive interviews trying to engage with men in power who have a strong social media on-line. Another way is through my new website

I have two sayings. My men don’t pose for SportStyleFashion. The other one is. I am never in VOGUE. I am simply ahead of it. That’s my encouraging message for any brand wanting to compete against the elitist.

Who you know in fashion no longer matters. Don’t use anyone or anything in your life as an excuse for not achieving your goals, DO IT.

One of the primary reasons people give up is that they try things, don’t succeed, and feel like a failure. The truth is that we are never a failure UNLESS WE GIVE UP.