For those that don’t know, I am actually in love and have been married for many years. When I got married I did not have a lot of cash. So for me the wedding band I really wanted was simply not in my price range. Now I got proposed to in Holland and then we went off to Turkey for a month of travelling to enjoy life a bit more before settling down. Turkey is famous for all its gold markets and  its also famous for replicating designer brands such as Bulgari, Cartier and the list goes on. So during our  travel I found myself a replica ring and we had it made for next to nothing.

At the time the main thing was, that I had a ring ready for the big day and enjoyed the honey moon stage of our relationship. But as the years went by there was always that thought of upgrading that wedding band. Now it’s a personal choice and one that did not go down lightly in the Italian house hold. In fact even the mention of changing wedding bands was just as bad as saying I am getting a divorce. The only one that did not have an issue with it was my husband and I. Well up until the point when he saw how much the upgrade was going to cost him.

Wedding Band Upgrade

For me relationships change over time, and from when we got married and shared our vowels to now,  a lot has happened. In my mind we have been through so many good and bad times. I felt it was time to celebrate how long we have been married. And in the face of high divorce rates around us we should celebrate marriage. For me rings have changed so much I just wanted a refreshing new look and commitment. I came home one day to find a new wedding band on my bed.

That’s the beauty with me is that when I have something in mind I will not let it go until I get it. I will express in many ways my personal taste and keep on doing so. Yes that is what I called one of the perks that my husband has been married to me. The persistent women always pays off. By the way also my husband got an upgrade as well, is it not time for you all to upgrade your wedding bands? Let me know your thoughts in the poll below.

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