The Masculine Suit

Ladies, it’s clear this winter the masculine suit collections are all out in force. How do you wear this suit that will define your femininity and girl power? It’s that contrast that oozes cool, says designer Nicole Miller. It’s sexy, too, she adds, because they look suggests that there is indeed a boyfriend.

Giorgio Armani

Armani has embraced dark colours and block-like shape of a man’s suits but it’s how you accessorise your suit that will give you that women’s touch.

How To Choose The Suit For You?

Thanks to this year’s collection the suit designs for that masculine look is fabulous. It’s more about what image you want to portray?

  • Suits – Make sure you buy the complete suit. Be prepared for the trousers to be far too long. Get them taken up. The key is that the suit fits across your shoulders. It’s not about the fitted look here it’s about how it fits on your shoulders first.
  • Materials – Whatever suit you go for being, velvet tweed or silk choose the right fabric colour that looks good on you. This season it’s about very dark colours.
  • Shirts –   I would go for very feminine colours, pink, purple or red. The key here is the colour of the undergarment your choose. I would choose shirts with lace or loads of frills. Ruffle flouncing shirts are perfect with these types of suits. The fitted the better especially when you take off the jacket, the rest of your outfit will still look masculine.
  • Belts – The tip to achieve this look is the best way to gird the waist. So with the help of belts, you can refine the figure of the woman and give the masculine look that is sought after. Not forgetting your feminine style, you can enter the dandy fashion trend!
  • Shoes – Shoes to wear should be classics, oxford lace-ups, loafers, fringed moccasins or ankle boots.

Hair & Makeup

The revamp we are seeing in eyebrows is a natural and fuller look. It’s about getting a thicker, full and perfectly looking sculpted brows. There are two main options to focus on when filling in your brows. The colour that you choose for getting that full look is really important. Go for a colour that matches your hair colour. Make sure you buy the right tools and products, it makes all the difference. A proper brow application is a stencil.

With your hair, tie it back or try a Victoria Beckham cut, which can give you a dramatic change. The retro cut is the simplest styles to create, as it is a plain short haircut with a straight fringe on your forehead. Make sure the rest of the hair has the same length all the way around the head. For fake shaved sides, grab some hair gel or spray to smooth the hair down. You will result in getting masculine hair.

 Cara Delevingne - hairstyles for women wearing suits

Sleek hairstyles and  eyebrows with a natural and fuller look for this winter

Ralph Lauren women suits Fall 2012

Ralph Lauren 2012 winter collection

Giorgio Armani - Fall Winter 2012 2013 Collection

Mix and match your colours

womens suits on the fall 2012

embrace the men’s shoes

Giorgio Armani Velvet Suit 2012

emporio armani women suits 2013

victorian ruffle shirts

Your shirts will complete the masculine suit look

emporio armani - military women jacket

giorgio armani suits for women 2012

Walk and act like a women