The 1960’s mod fashion clothes are always in vogue. Do you want to learn more about the 60’s trend and will this era fit my body shape?

Here are the basic elements that are essential to create your ’60’s-era pieces.

  1. Eometric shapes and patterns – Look for pieces with interesting and graphic designs that really pop. are all authentic mod-inspired patterns to try.
  2. Clean lines.  Mod is all about crisp, clean and no-frills pieces. The more streamlined, the better.
  3. Saturated colors. Embrace bold and rich colors! Such as red, blue and yellow are always popular picks.
  4. Short hemlines. In the ’60s mod era, short skirts and mini dresses ruled, so show off those legs with modern day interpretations of those pieces.
  5. Feminine collars. Pick dresses, blouses and coats with dainty, Peter Pan-style collars. These rounded collars make a statement without looking too bold.
  6. Mini skirts. The skirt has a standout color, clean shape and short hemline — perfect for a mod-inspired look!
  7. A-line mini dresses.  These frocks are flattering on all shapes and sizes and are super-easy to dress up or down. There are lots of options when it comes to colors and patterns.
  8. Cardigans. Choose the right colour for you. Make sure they cling to your body and three quarter sleeve length looks perfect.
  9. Statement jewelry. Look for unique bracelets, necklaces, brooches and earrings with interesting shapes and styles. A great piece of statement jewelry can dress up the simplest of outfits.
  10. Lingerie. Make sure you embrace this in full  60’s swing.
  11. Boxy shapes. Loose-fitting and body-skimming pieces were all the rage during the ’60s mod era. Go for a  cheery color, cropped sleeves and standout buttons which make the coat.
  12. Eye-wear – Mui Mui,Prada and D&G current designs are very 1960’s

Don’t be afraid to experiment with this 1960’s era its worth the effort.

jackie kennedy in chanel suit 1960

Jackie Kennedy in Chanel suit,1960

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