Did you know that the average British woman will spend over £4,000 on handbags in her lifetime? For many women, handbags are an investment in image and selfesteem, as much as a hold-all for wallet, keys and cash. Fret know more here is the perfect way to get a new bag any-time you want.

With the times being super-tight at the moment, it seems to me that borrowing your one-off outfits for that summer party / wedding / job interview etc could be a great new way to ensure that you have a fab new designer outfit for each event without worrying that you’re overspending.

The Borrowers Club

The Borrowers Club, which is a luxury handbag rental service.  With all the biggest brand names on offer and extensive range of styles that’s regularly updated to ensure it includes all the latest IT bags (Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Bottega Venetta etc), The Borrowers Club gives you the opportunity to borrow the perfect bag to match your outfit for that special date/party/wedding/holiday etc.  Signing up to The Borrowers Club is free, and at the simple click of a mouse, you can browse the galleries of bags, select the date you’d like to receive it, and voila! It appears at your door special delivery and is yours for 5 days.

The Borrowers Club offers you an affordable way to update your bag collection according to your diary. With a wide choice of designer handbags including ChanelChloeDiorFendiGucci,Mulberry, and many more. Why buy when you can rent the bag for your next date, party or wedding.

Bag Envy

More than half (55 per cent) confessed to getting ‘bag envy’ when they spotted other women with desirable specimens in their clutches.

Why Rent a Bag?

The survey also highlighted that  half of women also agreed that wearing a nice handbag made them feel more confident and happy.  And 35 per cent said they had bought a handbag in the past to cheer themselves up.

Of course if you want to be like  Victoria Beckhams and Sienna Millers of this world are able to spend £4,000 in a lunchtime, rather than lifetime, on the likes of Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Mulberry. Then this is the solution for you.

victoria beckham - hermes birkin

Victoria Beckham Hermes Birkin lover and wow owns loads of handbags.


Victoria-Beckham, adores Hermes handbags



Angelina Jolie and Madonna embracing the New Gucci Tote


Victoria Beckham Chanel handbag

Kim Kardashian Givenchy

Kim Kardashian Givenchy

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Bags of style: Lucky celebrities like Sienna Miller could easily spend most womens’ yearly handbag total in a lunchtime.