Today I give the word to let the owner of Jocasi Handbags do the talking.

Jocasi London

The handbag a woman carries says a lot about her. Women love to invest in handbags. It’s what my mother calls a pay-per-wear item, in other words, it’s a luxury item that justifies its monetary worth because you wear it everyday, as opposed to say a ball gown that you wear once a year. A good handbag will earn you respect no matter what clothes you’re wearing, even if you just slipped out for milk in your pyjama bottoms! Our Keda handbag in brown python snakeskin is the kind of bag that every woman lusts after – it’s the Gisele Bündchen of handbags. Its supple buttery soft skin and luxurious rich chocolate colour is so stunning. Heads will turn! I personally love the Keda because it feels like part of your body when you’re wearing it. It’s designed after the Ouroboros, the tail-devouring snake and ancient alchemical symbol for something that eternally recreates itself.

Jocasi Why Buy IT?

In fashion it’s important to stay fresh and unique so we’re constantly recreating the brand. We are always taking risks and trying out new things. We like to change things up, that’s what makes Jocasi an exciting place to work! The only thing we won’t change is our ethos especially when it comes to our customers.

We try to always bring new fresh designs in limited quantity so that our customers are getting something original like an artist’s print. We’re not Louis Vuitton we don’t burn unsold stock (true story). We do the opposite! We know everyone loves a good sale! Women of style come in all economic positions so we will throw a couple of our bestsellers in the sale just for that reason. Jocasi will always be a brand that is accessible and down-to-earth.

We’re a small brand and we like it that way. Our workshop in Bali is tiny, the folks working for us are from a small community of skilled artisans who make each bag by hand with materials that are all ethically and sustainably sourced. We are a family run business, and by family I mean literally everyone who works at Jocasi has kids so if we don’t reply to a tweet immediately we could be changing a nappy or tying a shoelace. We don’t advertise or use PR companies but we do love working with bloggers.

Funny story…so late one night I was reading Gracie’s blog (as I often do) and I decided to send her a tweet asking could I please send her a bag. Well of course it was no surprise when she chose the Keda in brown python! Like her, the Keda is graceful and elegant, and also like Gracie the Keda is not in Vogue, it is simply beyond it!

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