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Jocasi London – Let Your Handbag Do The Talking

Today I give the word to let the owner of Jocasi Handbags do the talking. Jocasi London The handbag a woman carries says a lot about her. Women love to invest in handbags. It’s what my mother calls a pay-per-wear item, in other words, it’s a luxury item that justifies its monetary worth because you wear it everyday, as opposed to say a ball gown that you wear once a year. A good handbag will earn you respect no matter what clothes you’re wearing, even if you just slipped out for milk in your pyjama bottoms! Our Keda handbag...

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New Avatar – Samsungfrontrow Launches Gracie Opulanza

As big name men’s attire magazines have begun a transition to the internet, they’re leaving behind a certain je ne sais quoi, let’s call it “reality”? No worries. As they lose their focus and charm, Gracie is breaking up the monopoly, bringing style, taste, details of man’s wardrobe, and the fashion world has taken notice. From a woman’s perspective on what she knows makes a man dress, groom, and show true style, Australian-born, Gracie Opulanza, launched MenStyleFashion in 2012, realizing the decline of men’s concern and sad manner of dress had to be stopped. Gracie Opulanza, launched MenStyleFashion in...

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