My love for doors is because behind closed doors there is a mystique hidden treasure that needs to be unlocked. Every time I see a door on my travels, it captures my glimpse of where I am in life for that moment. You see with doors, a first impression does not count. The reason being is that what is behind unlocked doors truly encourages me to step towards one. For me a door actually represents your next big challenge in life. The door is about you pursuing what you feel you want to do, an action no matter what the cost shall be. Your doors in life for me are everyday challenges. The day to day way of coping with either family, growing a dream or a business. It’s about how you tackle your doors and how you push through, even if you can’t see what is behind the other side. A door for me is a dream that scares you and so big that when pursuing it, you are trembling at the knees. A door for me is about being stretched. The very character of who you are becoming and at times that door which frustrates the very core of your soul. A door is a challenge that you and only you can step through alone.

Your Destiny Is Up to You

I believe life has many doors for me to explore, but it’s the first initial step that will either block me or stop me. Sometimes the doors I choose to ignore maybe the ones that I will regret the most. For me when fear confronts you, it is this emotion that stops us stepping through to the next step in our life. FEAR needs to be confronted aggressively just like a door that won’t open unless you kick it hard or in some cases smash it down. For this reason, when I see a door, it reminds me to open it and step through no matter what the cost. Now there are times just before you push through that door you may get the God given instinct to turn around and run. I encourage you to do so. But most of the time that rare door needs to be opened and confronted. It will assist you in achieving the small goals that will guide and you lead you to the big dream.

Mistakes Are There For learning

In growing my on-line magazines, and now I have three, the challenge is to understand that it is better to take the risks rather than try to over think the next step. For this reason, it’s through the mistakes that you will learn and discover who you are and what you are good at. I know that the very things I adore and love actually will in time make me a living. Why I say this is because you enjoy those challenges so much. Therefore, no matter what doors you come across, you will keep pushing through and eventually the clarity and the ideas will come.
It’s through the waiting and the journey what makes or breaks you. I find when I fulfil a dream that there is a sense of relief but it’s my nature to look and seek through what the next door offers me. One obstacle and it’s a huge one. It’s the closet of people who mean well who will discourage you to even step through the door let alone open it. That is why you need to know that when a challenge comes your way, you have to open that door, and in most cases, you have to do it alone.

Big Door Mean Growth