Fur has been at the heart of the fashion industry in the last few years. Gucci and many luxury household brands are not creating any garments with real animal fur. Fendi, made in Italy has chosen to continue to create fur items. The reason for this is that Fendi was founded on fur. It is an animal product they used and it’s part of their DNA for any Fendi collection.

Fendi teamed up with Versace for the first time ever at Milan Fashion Week 2021. The reason they do this is luxury fashion is suffering due to no Chinese visiting Europe.

Is Fur Eco-friendly?

I own two vintage fur jackets. I bought them because I like the feel and look of fur. Also, I figure that due to them already been created and sold as vintage jackets it would be a shame to throw them out. after years and years, they still look amazing. This is me in 2013 at London Collection’s men wearing vintage fur jackets. Watch the interview with David Gandy, fur gives me the confidence to interview anyone.

Gracie Opulanza - London Collections Men

You can read in more detail about why vintage fur versus fake fur is better for mother earth.

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Vintage Fashion

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Vintage Fashion

Fur photoshoot

This was done in Andorra in 2014 which is in the Pyrenees a very cold, cold country with lots of snow. Grand Valira is a ski resort that I often wore fur to stay warm outside.

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Vintage Fashion

It was a battle of moral versus fashion here in the studio. There are endless other arguments on both sides of the debate offered by fur haters and lovers, who are equally passionate. So this remains a deeply controversial personal choice.

On occasion, a fashion question crosses into ethics, is a good thing; it means that we are thinking about what we wear. In cases such as this, however, the answer is rarely simple. Brands like Stell McCartney and Gucci are doing it to win favour with their clients nothing more.

But I like fur and all my jackets are vintage and about 30 years old. That’s my justification. So for me when I wear fur I feel, it’s about making a huge statement.

New York City

I wore this jacket in New York in 2018, my husband was afraid I would get abuse. All I got was compliments even in the Prada store in New York.

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Vintage Fashion

For me, fur has a history of being glamorous and a clear statement that it is a very individual choice. This is all about making a posh, rich statement. Otherwise, why would you put up with the abuse?

Fur is A Choice

Ultimately, wearing fur should not make you uncomfortable and embracing a garment that has aged for a decade or three is not going to make the difference.

Really, fur is fur and in the argument regarding the way the animals are slaughtered.

Well, when is the last time you ate a big steak? Not seeing anyone stand outside a butcher and protest?

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Vintage Fashion

How To Wear Fur?

Accessories from pearls to Swarovski rings and outrageous oversize Iris Apfel eyewear.  It’s already drawing attention by wearing fur. So you might as well go all out and add as much bling as possible.

Gracie Opulanza - Wearing Vintage Fashion

It all comes down to personal choice. What is the difference between buying fast fashion like ZARA or Primark where it’s as brutal on the environment due to how much we throw clothes out? These are not brands supporting sustainable fashion. Least with vintage fur it last generations.