Google Glass - Vogue USA September 2013

Google Glass

When I first cast my eyes upon this product, I was thinking of marketing it as a fashion item and also my video interviews came to mind. So it’s a smart move by Google having featured its Google glasses in VOGUE USA.  An epic nice twelve page coverage of super chic models wearing the Google Glass certainly confirmed my thoughts.

But the question on everyone’s mind is? Is Google Glass going to be successful? What would this device be used for? This tool is becoming reassuringly controversial because it needs to find itself in the right marketing place. As a customer if I chose to buy it let alone wear it, am I going to be seen as fashionably Chic or a Nerdy Geek?

Gracie Opulanza For Google Glass

Well I’m putting it out there for everyone to notice. That if anyone is going to show the world that this device has a niche purpose then it’s going to be me. This device would be great in the world of fashion and help my interviews. I’m a fearless chick with outrageous specks and impulsive interviews. I want to connect the world with inspiring people whether it be through sports, fashion or business.

Therefor Google Glass is well suited for what I am doing. In the fashion or sports scene you’re always up and against the big guns of mass press. Fighting for your corner. Looking for hidden opportunities. I’m always fussing about with lipsticks, camera’s, handbags and MenStyleFashion cards. My hands are always tied up.

I could have a small team running with me. But when Gracie is out and about, she is fast and can’t have anyone holding her back. In fact my small camera is why I think I am well received. It’s my way of connecting with the person and it’s less intimidating for all being interviewed. But it’s time I feel that I need to focus more on the persons emotions at that given moment. It’s where them and I connect or in some cases not at all. So Google Glass would be perfect for me.It would free my hands and make me look so super futuristic within the fashion or sports scene. This is so important because in this world your image is being judged. So much so some will refuse you just on looks alone.

Google Glass ties in perfectly with my eye wear image. It allows me to move more conspicuous towards my target. They would have no idea at first that the camera is on them. Hence the person being in contact would be more relaxed. I could connect with them on a more informal bases. This is important among high profile people. Most men warm to me very fast and I know me wearing this device, the guys would love it. They adore gadgets, they would be well and truly up for being part of this controversial tool so far. I am sure once the interview began they would forget the camera is on them and you would get interviews and a perspective from celebrities never seen before. More importantly I have the most powerful tool in the world. I AM A WOMAN.

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I think big so this is my message if you think that Gracie Opulanza should try before she buys Google Glass. Then please tweet this article to Google Glass and any magazine writing about it. Let’s see how powerful you and my circle of influence can become. Who know’s what could happen? Worse case scenario I could be interviewing people you’ve never even heard before and sharing their amazing stories. Tom Ford comes to mind.



Google Glass camera


Google Glass camera


Gracie Opulanza Interviewing Oliver Cheshire

Gracie Opulanza Interviewing Oliver Cheshire. How super cool would this be me wearing Google Glass Instead