All eyes are on Gracie Opulanza as she drives past the goose crossing on Orbost’s main street. The purpose of her visit to town is to showcase the luxurious vehicle and encourage Australians to consider it as their own. Gracie plans to drive the vehicle back to her hometown of Orbost in East Gippsland to create awareness and promote it among the locals.

Gracie, the founder and head editor of MenStyleFashion, is highly regarded in the fashion industry for her role in pioneering fashion blogging and raising awareness about men’s style. She is recognized as a leading voice for women in the realm of men’s fashion and has conducted interviews with renowned models and professional athletes. Gracie has been actively involved in London Men’s Fashion Week since its establishment in 2012.

“I know I would not have been as successful and as ballsy as I am if it wasn’t for Orbost.”

Currently residing in various locations worldwide, Gracie manages her own blog under her name. Her jet-setting lifestyle takes her to fashion events across the globe where she provides reviews on trends, destinations, individuals, and automobiles. Gracie credits her upbringing in Orbost for her ability to thrive in the glamorous and competitive fashion and luxury industry. Speaking to the Snowy River Mail upon her return home, she expressed gratitude towards her hometown, acknowledging that her success and boldness would not have been possible without her roots in Orbost.

How To Be Pioneers Of Luxury Lifestyle & Fashion Blogging

I am wearing a dress by Country Road Australia. Teamed with a necklace belt from Bali. With freshwater pearls.

East Gippsland Lakes Entrance

Where Was Gracie Born

Gracie’s parents migrated from Italy during the mid-1900s, choosing to settle in Orbost during a time when the town’s Italian community was thriving. Despite this, Gracie and her family found themselves in the minority at school, making them easy targets for bullying in the playground.

However, instead of avoiding the challenges, Gracie chose to embrace them and continued to follow her own path, which helped her develop the resilience necessary to succeed in the competitive fashion industry. Gracie attributes her confidence to her father, Erasmo Giove, who was a strong and influential figure in her life. He was not one to conform to traditional rules and regulations, but rather encouraged Gracie to think outside the box and pursue her own unique ideas. Despite not always adhering to the established protocols, Gracie fearlessly pursued her passions, unaware of any limitations, and simply went for it.

That is the main point to remember. Some individuals may express their opinions that certain clothing combinations are not suitable or that certain items should not be worn together. However, I have proven that I can do it successfully, as I demonstrated in Orbost. During her time in town, Gracie has taken the opportunity to revisit her former school, reconnect with friends, and explore familiar places, such as the Commonwealth Hotel. It was at this establishment where she was the resident DJ during her teenage years, entertaining the crowd with disco music every Friday and Saturday night at 9 pm. Gracie fondly recalls those memories with a laugh.

During her time in the spotlight, the ex-Nagle College student pursued a teaching degree at university. Following that, she gained valuable experience by working at Buchan Primary School for a span of two years.

In the 1990s, she embarked on a journey to her parents’ homeland and explored various countries across Europe, immersing herself in different cultures and engaging in work opportunities along the way.

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Italian Heritage

Having European parents, the blogger recalls feeling a strong connection to Rome when she first arrived there. It felt like home to her. After getting married, having children, and building a successful digital company with her husband, she found herself feeling bored and looking for a change in her career. At the suggestion of someone, she decided to start a blog, even though she had no knowledge about blogging at the time. Realizing that the women’s fashion market was already saturated, she shifted her focus to men’s fashion. She spent two years observing how men dressed and was surprised to find that they were not putting much effort into their appearance, even in Europe.

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“I knew nothing about men’s fash­ion, was no expert in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogging, journal­ism, let alone interview. But I’m mature, I’m confident, and I’m ballsy.” Gracie recalls it was the best US$ 100 she ever spent in securing the site domain ‘MenStyleFashion’. “In six weeks we just exploded,” she said. “Apart from GQ and another big blog, there was nothing there. That’s the key to success, we got into some­thing that wasn’t saturated.” Three months later, London held its first Men’s Fashion Week, further catapulting men’s style into the spotlight.

How To Be Pioneers Of Luxury Lifestyle & Fashion Blogging

Jaguar F-PACE – Australia

Equipped with features like a heated steering wheel, heated seats, cruise control, 22-inch wheels, and a high-quality stereo, this vehicle is a stark contrast to the Ford Laser that Gracie and her husband used to travel around Australia as newlyweds. With its European design and flashy appearance, this car is sure to grab attention wherever it goes. Gracie jokingly mentions that this is the type of car that makes heads turn. While she may not be a car enthusiast, she values the lifestyle and the way this car makes her feel. So, when it comes to the Jaguar F-Pace, it’s the perfect choice to take her home to Orbost, Australia.

For young people living in the area, Gracie says the best advice she can give for those contemplating a career in blogging is to be yourself and never give up. “Be the hero, the celebrity, of where you live, in your world,” she said.

“Find your niche, because it’s a satu­rated market. And when I mean ‘find your niche’, what is it that you think about all the time, what’s the very thing that you love?

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How To Be Pioneers Of Luxury Lifestyle & Fashion Blogging

Why Blog About MenStyleFashion

“So I was frustrated at the way men would dress. Bang: that’s why the blog began. When men make an effort, when they look their best, they’re role models, people aspire to them. Whether it’s a dad, whether it’s a sin­gle guy, whether it’s an athlete. And when a man is confident, he can take on Donald Trump. He can take on the world” Famous modelDavid Gandy and me at London Fashion Week for men.