The bag that you carry as you exit the shop, on the bus or tube and through your front door needs to be as exciting as the item inside.

Consider how many of us show off our new purchases to others in our households? Making packaging part of that moment is the key to brand awareness and selling.

Throughout recent years, the plastic bag which once dominated the in-store industry has come to an end and paper and reusable solutions have taken shops by storm.

But many brands still haven’t cottoned on to the idea of experiential exit packaging even though over one-third of purchasing decisions are made by the look and feel of the packaging.

Packaging for brands

Online Gifts

Has shopping online not become boring regarding Amazon deliveries. Just boring brown box with their label on it. For me receiving a package is the most exciting part of the buying journey. Now that has been destroyed because it’s all about speed nothing to do with the buying emotional experience.

How do you stand out as a brand when it comes to packaging?

Why is it important to make your brand stand out? Experimental packaging makes you feel you are special. When someone takes and makes the effort of wrapping items. It brings a brand loyalty association in regards to the buyer and the seller.

It also makes you remember the brand and as a buyer, you may just buy the goods because of the packaging experience.

If a person takes six weeks to create knitwear. Why would you not as a brand take that extra effort to present it well?

packaging gift ideas for brands

Gifts For Your Loved Ones

As we are separated from our family and friends a gift is more important than ever. When sending a gift make sure the brand you choose is in favour of wrapping the gift as special as the item you’re bought.

When the packaging is nice then most of the time the receiver will keep and reuse the packaging for another time.

How much wrapping paper and boxes have been thrown out after Christmas?

I often collect boxes that are given to me as part of the gift.

I have gifted a cake and the way it was delivered to me was beautiful.

Packaging Tips - It Continues The Brand Journey

The packaging had cones from the estate I live in. The paper was decorated with a silver butterfly clip. Which I could use again. The copper bow I place on my Christmas tree as an added decoration.

Packaging Tips - It Continues The Brand Journey

And as for the cake presentation that was the icing on the cake experience.

Packaging Tips - It Continues The Brand Journey

Sustainable Packaging

We have so much time on our hands as buyers and sellers. So take the time to think about your brand packaging. Cloth bags are a great packaging idea as they can be reused as shopping bags. Make sure your brand is on that cloth bag.

Personalise your packaging with a handwritten message of gratitude to the buyer.

Even if it’seyewear.

Don’t use plastic if at all possible.

Happy packaging!