Never mind where you’re coming from, it’s where you’re going that counts?

I can feel the excitement, the big shows are just around the corner. LondonMilan, Paris, New York, Florence, Amsterdam and Barcelona?  Deciding what shows to go to is one thing, planning how to get there is another. I always know where I’m going though I often don’t know how to get to the show from the airport or train station. Too many times I have ended up hopelessly lost en route!  Well have no fear, with my new found travel friend, Gracie has found the perfect solution for how to get where you want, when you want and better still, how you want. Thank you for saving my ass!

Fashion Events How To Get There

So just what is the best way to get to London Fashion Week and London Collections: Men? Fly from Barcelona or train from Toulouse? There’s always more than one way to go.  While we’re on the subject of Barcelona I hope I bump into the beautiful Jon Kortajarena this year at the Barcelona 080 in Barcelona. Last year I just loved the spectacular Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Amsterdam renowned for its diverse program of Downtown at the same time showcasing the best of the international scene. Another one not to miss is the Pitti Immagine Uomo show in Florence, an influential platform for both accessory collections and includes some of the finest men’s clothing on the planet. To get to Florence I might hop on the train though, it’s a lot more fun than flying. That said, I know I’m flying to the New York Fashion week but what do I do after I’ve landed. redplanet. travel gives you door to door instructions train, subway, bus, or even driving routes, costs and times.

What Is Redplanet is made for the smart traveller. It looks seriously cool, but it’s not just a pretty face. What makes this website different from other journey planner or comparison sites that you can plan your trip according to your personal needs.  So if you’re looking for a cheaper, greener, or just more interesting journey clearly shows you a multitude of options all you have to do is choose one. There are no fees as you book direct with the provider.  I for one will definitely be planning all my trips on I might even get there a bit early.

Brace yourself New York, Gracie’s en route!


Check it out for more info:

 The dates are if you want to include them:

  • London fashion week September
  • London collections men 9-12 January 2015
  • Barcelona fashion week 2-6 February 2015
  • Amsterdam fashion week. 16-26 January 2015
  • Pitti Immagine Uomo Florence. 13-16 January 2015
  • Milan Fashion Week 25 February (men’s to be announced)
  • New York fashion week 12-19 February 2015
  • Paris men January 21-25 2015
  • Haute Couture 25-30 January 2015
  • Ready to wear 4-11th January 2015

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