Australia Calls Dibs on Fashion: Turn Heads With These Styles This Season

The current Spring trends all speak one word clearly – modern. Think out of the box, think straight lines and monochromes, but mostly importantly, think glamour and chic. This doesn’t mean that you have to be boring – sometimes modern fashion can help balance out some outrageous but ‘must-try’ trends. Fashion trends come and go but with the trends this season, there is an element of nostalgia. Many 90s styles have made a comeback and so have certain special things from the 60s. So, if you have been waiting for the modern classics to come back, this might just be your lucky season.

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On Top Is The Crop Top

This trend has followed the season of summer and is now seen in the Spring collection. However, as is the case with modern trends, be prepared to see a lot of leather and black. Black crop tops with white seams in racer backs, like this one from Bec and Bridge should be on top of your ‘things to buy this season’ list. With crop tops, you have two ways to go. You can either wear them with low waist distressed denims (to flaunt your perfect abs) or you can team them up with a high waist flowing skirt (to show your bohemian side). With racer backs, however, crop tops are best paired with kitten heels and asymmetric full midi skirts.

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Flats Are Back In Style

This is one trend endorsed by most designers and who can disagree? Flats have always been in every diva’s wardrobe and if paired properly, they can add oomph and glam to any outfit. Michael Kors spoke to Vogue Australia and reiterated how absurd but obvious this trend seems – “What you wear at what time of the day – did we ever think people would wear paillettes or lamé to work, and flat shoes at night?” Modern flats have also been seen in Victoria Beckham’s first shoe collection, Oscar de la Renta and Christopher Prorsum. The flats at Michael Kors’ show were amazing in their simplicity and style.

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Say Hello to Femininity in Full Skirts

The best thing about full skirts is that they can work for any figure. They hide your flaws and bring out your royal side, looking gorgeous and elegant in any occasion. Team them up with heels or Birkenstocks and watch the occasion transform into a magical affair. Take this beautiful lace full skirt for example and see how it completely compliments the figure, not appearing too restrictive but looking pretty flattering at the same time. The full skirt can also be made to look flirty and bold – just team it with a crop top and see how drastic the transformation is. You can go for one that ends right below your knee if you are going for a classic look or something that ends above the knee if being bold is what you desire.

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Remember the 90s in Distressed Boyfriend Denims

Back in the 90s, teens and people in their early 20s were seen with these denims everywhere. What’s better is that you didn’t even have to buy them – all you needed was a pair of scissors and a blade to make your own distressed denims. This year’s trend is a little different though. You can choose to have extremely distressed denims (hole in the knee) like this one but pair them up with a classic white shirt to achieve a modern look. However, the most trendy distressed denim styles are ones with mild gashes (and a slight hole or two) like this one which you also fold till your ankles. Pair them with heels or a comfortable pair of flats. Brogues are also good.

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Beat The Sun In Reflective Sunglasses

Carrie Bradshaw stunned everyone in these gorgeous sunglasses and so can you. InStyle recently did a piece on celebrities sporting mirrored or reflective sunglasses and the trend has caught on with everyone else. It is the perfect retro element you need to add to your modern attire to make the outfit pop. If you are going for an all-white outfit and choose to sport electric blue mirrored shades, you will definitely turn a few fashionable heads in your direction.

Even with the knowledge of these trends in your head, it’s important to remember that experimenting is the reason fashion exists and flourishes. So, don’t be afraid to make eclectic choices in your clothing this season. Love your body and every style will work for you. To be fashionable, you don’t need the perfect figure but the most gorgeous smile.

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