In 2011 I began my own blog and it all started with some entourages, eccentric eyewear which was very difficult to find those days. I met Jason Kirk the owner of Kirk & Kirk eyewear way back in 2015. What struck me from the onset was his attention to detail and his 20 years of commitment to creating bespoke eyewear. His passion is infectious and I just adore his approach to eyewear as well as his brand Kirk & Kirk.

Celine Kirk and kirk eyewear

I have lost count on how many pieces of eyewear I own. This is just one suitcase where I store them for now. From the onset, my eyewear is my marketing tool to make sure people notice me in travel, business and in the world of lifestyle and luxury reviews. Over the years wearing the Kirk & Kirk brand, when I walk into a room I command an instant attention thanks to this brand. I always get compliments and people around the globe continually ask what brand am I trending? They even ask me to take them off as they want to get a close look at the Kirk &Kirk brand.

A small sample of my eyewear collection

A small sample of my eyewear collection

I am very disrespectful when it comes to looking after my eyewear, hence quality craftsmanship is the key for them never letting me down or breaking. In the three years I have worn Kirk & Kirk, I have failed to break them so far and they still look good as new.

Kirk & Kirk Eyewear - Anna Spectrum Collection Reviewed

Reviewing the fastest SUV in the world, Bentley Bentayga wearing Kirk & Kirk, quality meets quality.

Kirk & Kirk Eyewear - Anna Spectrum Collection Reviewed

Le Mans 24 hour Race 2017, I was sponsored by Ford. They came runners up and this is an exclusive opportunity to be holding the trophy. My eyewear image has to be as extreme as the sport itself.

I have worn the Hana Collection in 2017 and they rock anywhere, anytime and are a real conversation puller.

Quality Craftsmanship

Jason Kirk understands the key tools that are required in building a strong eyewear brand. In me wearing them over the years proves that they are timeless quality investment pieces. Unlike shoes and handbags, I tend to trend my eyewear when I choose too and like to swap them many times.

I am on a global tour around the world and this year my eyewear marketing is still as important as ever. I am very fussy in who I work with regarding eyewear, for me it is all about brand quality.

Kirk & Kirk Eyewear - Anna Spectrum Collection Reviewed

Anna Spectrum Collection

Spectrum is Kirk & Kirk’s latest release and features six new optical styles for men and women. Karen Kirk reasons for working with acrylic is why I like to wear them too and could not agree more. Their eyewear is super lite and very very comfortable to wear.

Karen Kirk comments ‘I love working with acrylic, the colour opportunities are endless and often surprising.  As with glazing pottery, the shaping of the pot, or in our case the frame, has a significant effect on how the colour turns out – and for this collection the faceting of the frames was incredibly important to me, it felt as if I was literally carving the frame out of the material.’ 

Today I chose a somewhat more conservative colour for me, from the Anna Spectrum Collection. The reason I chose the Pacific colour, is I’m continuously flying over the blue seas whether it be to Australia, New York, Bangkok, Vietnam, Singapore, let alone back to Europe. So I am trying to blend in more with the world. However, when I tried them on, the glasses come alive, due to their shape and colour.  This is what I love about the brand, it is the anticipation not knowing exactly what the end result will look like until I have tried the glasses on.

Kirk & Kirk Eyewear - Anna Spectrum Collection ReviewedKirk & Kirk Eyewear - Anna Spectrum Collection Reviewed

I have always been a big fan of Kirk & Kirk’s casing and more so than ever with this burnt orange leather case. It looks classy and it matches the eyewear brand. Due to my travelling, one of my big stresses is storing the eyewear safely so it does not break.

I am confident that I will continue to stand out thanks to the Kirk & Kirk brand. In the world I am currently working in where money can buy you luxury, bespoke quality eyewear is not something to save money on.

Kirk & Kirk Eyewear - Anna Spectrum Collection Reviewed

 2020 Celine Pink

Opting for the same collection from Hana. It has to be my favourite colour for summer. Celine eyewear goes with anything and everything.

Kirkand kirk eyewear celine 2020 Gracie Opulanza