The future is not gravity. It is not a law of physics that we can’t avoid. The future isn’t fixed. The future isn’t fate. The future is the outcome of the present. We can’t predict the future but we can steer it towards a better outcome.

Who would have predicted that the whole world would be shut down and experiencing the same deadly fate? This coronavirus will pass, it will go down in history. But my greatest fear is the impact it has and will have on our mental health.

Our opulent lifestyle of being able to meet with family and friends is almost non-existing.

Audi TT London Ritz Hotel Pulse Orange

Me outside the Ritz London in February. The word Social Distancing didn’t exist.

Social Distancing

For some loneliness is part of their everyday life. For others like me, this is new territory been confined on one space for weeks on end.

Social distancing is the new IT WORD. During these lockdown on average of 3 months, our state of mental health will be put through its paces. This is not the time to look the other way or to stand aside. This is the time where the planet has woken us up to the harsh reality of what happens when you mess with nature.

Coronavirus started because of human’s messing about with animals and trying to play God.

Now we have forced into a lock-down a position out of our control. And all we can do for now is to reflect on the power of freedom that we have lost.

Aston Martin Fashion Tips - James Bond 2020 Gracie Opulanza 2020 fashion lifestyle review UK (5)

My last hotel review in the Cotswolds. This hotel is closed for good.

My Cotswolds House review.

Gracie Opulanza Brockencote Hall United Kingdom 2020

My last UK hotel review for 2020 in February

The stunning Brockencote Hall Hotel my review in February.

As for my hotel reviews. They are all closed and unknown when the demand will be for me to review again?

It is insane what lockdown has done to the hospitality industry.

Fashion Industry The Economic Impact

I wrote an article about fashion and long term effects. I just got an e-mail stating how many brands are closing stores in the UK.

Oxford Street and Regent Street in central London are ghost cities.

How will the fashion industry respond to a global shutdown? Who can say?

The future is dark, which is the best thing the future can be right now. Proving, perhaps, that an understanding of human nature is more of an asset when we are forced to look at what we have done to our planet as the fashion industry.

Three months is a long time to stay indoors and think about our future. We certainly won’t be thinking about or buying a new wardrobe.

None of us can be certain what 2020s will hold regarding our sanity, our unity let alone our economy. We are all now voyagers in a strange land, which must be navigated with unity and hope. By looking at our current behaviour of people who are hoarding food, nations closing borders and flight travel is at a standstill.

We can truly see how we have lost the community spirit. But as we forced to stay inside, I can surely hope this will change.

As millions lost their jobs one can only hope we adopt sharing is a caring attitude.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has devoted its next issue to Italian health care workers and put a lady doctor from Bergamo on its cover.
#coronavirus #italy #socialdistancing

#Iocisono, meaning #IAmWithYou, announces the headline over a deck that reads: Stories on doctors, nurses, pharmacists, surgical staff, volunteers and workers in Italy combatting the virus.

#coronavirus #socialdistancing #italy

They are professionals with an extraordinary sense of duty; workers at the very limits of their strength and possibilities. For us, they have become the reflection of an Italy which is strong and full of hope, a country that has always managed to survive the hardest of times,” added Simone Marchetti, editor-in-chief of Vanity.

Vanity Fair coronavirus medical team

Digital World Versus Social Distancing

We are now at a crucial moment. Thanks to the digital world we can still communicate with the world, families and loved ones to keep us sane. We are now being shown we need more responsible tech.

Thanks to a whole raft of different platforms have emerged to take the great unknown writers and storytellers.

We are globally locked down and can tell our stories through audio, podcasts, turn it into TV series and film. I am loving seeing people be very creative here.

Giving those celebrities and Instagram a creative run for their money.

Car Reviews

I am in Tuscany, Italy and I review cars in the United Kingdom. This was my last car reviewing the DB11  Aston Martin in February.

The car industry is now focusing on escalating that our future is to drive electric cars across the UK.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 2020 fashion and lifestyle review James Bond image for a woman (10)

Europe, in particular, may think twice before restarting its hydrocarbon-based economy, and instead, take the chance to think greener. This will force the UK to rethink too.

The coronavirus won’t have caused it, but it will be the rocket fuel for changes that have been long coming.

“I’m not saying this one pandemic is going to cause permanent social change,” says Nusbacher. “I’m saying this pandemic could be the factor that pushes this lever. The fulcrum is the longstanding set of changes. 

The Return Of The Printed Word

As the world is forced into homeschooling. Is this the return of the printed word? People will always want stories. We live in such tumultuous times right now. It is a good time to turn to books for consolation, advice and clarification.

The written word has a very strong future. 2020 is in short supply of hope.

Get pen to paper, draw, write because what we are experiencing will go down in history. Write history as it unfolds.


The Future Of The Economy

Whatever your fears for the future, it is within our power to re-imagine and reorient where we are sailing to. We are now forced to mitigate and adapt to environmental changes. So, where are we headed? Is utopia a world with a guaranteed income for everyone, and without poverty or climate change?

Or is utopia a shift towards immaterial values such as creativity, community a shorter working week and a closer connection to nature?

Stayhome, educate your kids, educate yourself, read books, call your mates, because as it stand for the first time in history the economic world as we know it has come to a halt.

Watch what you eat and feed your mind. There are multiple utopias the idea we have currently 7.5billion different visions that we need to work together to realise?

When it is all over we all know that the world we lived before coronavirus is a thing of the past.

I am sure you are all in agreement when it comes to the world of fashion. As the days and weeks go by it is amazing what we don’t need?


But please, dress up at home and wear lots of colour.


Me on the Estate this week. I have not bought any fashion items in August.