Gianni Versace’s Warhol pop art prints and house’s signature of his designs from the late ’80s and ’90s never date. They are very much looks that are relevant today. Owning anything from Versace is an opulent lifestyle we all can only dream of. It’s not that expensive to buy vintage pieces. It does not hold its value like Chanel or Dior.

Accessories never date and if it’s a 90’s or 80’s Versace you are seeking then this is it. 2021, the collection is all returned to the archives. I saw it myself in the original first-ever store opened here in Venice.

Giann Versace Jewellery

But owning accessories that you know were made from Gianni himself adds more value.

How To Spot A Fake Versace?

The collection I bought above are pieces I found in Venice. The logo on this necklace is Giann Versace, he made it like that. This is when he was alive. The Donatella Versace is with an extra I, Gianni.

These two pins are fake because they are doubled sided lions or medusa. The pins normally have one side only.

The History

Getting his start designing for the label Genny, Gianni Versace showed his first couture collection in 1978 and became one of the truly big names of the 1980s fashion scene. His trademark was the use of rich colours -red, yellow and purple with his emblem, the golden head of Medusa.

He also produced a line of elegant and timeless black evening gowns a must-have in the socialites of the 80s and 90s while his sister, Donatella, designed his diffusion line, Versus, which launched in 1993.

Versace was a favourite of many famous women in the 1990s. Princess Diana had a fondness for Versace and Elizabeth Hurley was an overnight sensation when she wore a Versace gown which was held together with gold safety pins.

Versace Catwalk London - Vintage Haute Couture Dresses

Princess Diana High-Octane Glamour

For that brief spell in the mid-’90s, when Versace was ground-breaking, Diana radiated confidence in Gianni’s signature form-fitting dresses and peppy suiting.

No matter; the years that followed would see the princess wear several striking dresses synonymous with Versace’s high-octane glamour.

As Gianni pulled up the roots of bourgeois taste with his super-charged, sassy fashion, Diana carved out her own charity-focused lifestyle away from Prince Charles and the Kensington Palace spotlight. She began mixing in Gianni’s world, socialising with influential creatives from the arts, such as Elton John and George Michael, and dressing for herself, rather than the royal platform given to her at the age of 20.
A gorgeous purple gown that flows effortlessly in the world of couture.

Versace purple vintage dress
Gowns of the past are fabrics and designs that can never be replicated. One has to buy the real vintage collection.
Versace Catwalk London - Vintage Haute Couture Dresses
To prove my point I was at an exclusive catwalk that showcased stunning original dresses from the past. These dresses can’t be totally replicated.

Versace Catwalk London - Vintage Haute Couture Dresses

His untimely death in 1997 caused a huge hole in the fashion world and his sister has since taken over as head designer for the House of Versace. He was all about in the detail, bling by combining classic dresses, including wiggle dress designs.

That Little Red Dress

Red is a colour of passion. This reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty woman. Again Versace archives never date they just look fabulous.

Versace Catwalk London - Vintage Haute Couture Dresses

Versace Vintage dress Red

Emerald Green

Versace Vintage dress green

The embellishments on this dress are stunning. I actually have a Versace ring like this. The neckline and materials used here are just so elegant.

Versace Vintage dress green

Not sure if Jackie Kenndy wore any Versace.

Super Yacht Attire

Heading for a cocktail or a Super Yacht party again this dress is like it was made yesterday. So much attention to detail.

Versace Vintage dress tweed

Very Coco Chanel.

Leather Straps And Oversize belts

Famously known for their belt buckle sleeves and large belt buckles. Versace is the only brand in the world that can claim this. Using leather, lace, silk and denim, Versace designed clothing for the 80s woman full of sexual power and eroticism.

Versace Catwalk London - Vintage Haute Couture Dresses

Versace Vintage dress black leather straps

A tambour bead blazer is the perfect timeless jacket to own. Wearing black from head to toe is Versace claim to evening fame.

Versace Catwalk London - Vintage Haute Couture Dresses

Why Gianni, chose the medusa as his logo, was because he grew up in a garden with the medusa staring at him as a child.

medusa, lines symbol also is magical in the world of coral fashion.

medusa coral