Women should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to feel their best. This article has advice for women of all ages on maintaining their health by feeding the mind, eating the best foods, working out, and other healthy habits.

Did you know a recent study showed women like Iris Apfel lived to 100 due to one reason?

By talking to people every day. I chat to strangers everyday it makes me strong mentally.

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Think Wellness Because You Are Worth It

I like Loreal turned fifty this year. I celebrated it months before by thinking about the ultimate gift to me as a busy mom. For me reading about luxury beauty brands is not my best friend. I go with the flow on how I treat my skin, body. It all comes down to wellness travel.

So I travelled to Venice for six weeks and Holland. I stayed in 14 hotels,  palazzos. By using my ten years of social media platforms I could make this possible.

What a wonderful de-stress for me it was. This was an excellent way for a massive celebration of turning fifty.

I missed out on so much work due to the hotel’s been closed. I also did a car review. So combing work with me turning fifty was a smart play, productive and wonderful to destroy my inner frustrations of the last 18mths.

I did this because I AM Worth It.

It saved my mental health and grew my business. I was a lot less frustrated.

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Care For Your Own Health

I know what my body is doing and its changes. I am in pre menopuase mode. I do have an active lifestyle on my terms. My immune system is great because I survived Covid 19 in April 2021. The reason I did was my overall health and mental state of mind was strong.

I did my first shoe collaboration during the lockdown in Italy. The GO Red hiking boot was a wonderful mental thriller.

Work To Avoid Disease

In June 2020, I sold all my possessions and left a country that never suited my mental health. It was important I got back control doing what I adore best, travel. When I don’t explore new cities my mood swings are terrible. Don’t fight your dreams or passions. make it happen but be prepared to lose everything to get it. I mean material possession and the comfort of your own home.

I headed to Venice and it helped me avoided getting mentally ill.

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I had bespoke items made for me by Italian artisans. I sold on Vestiaire shoes and clothes that I did not like anymore. I had made all by hand wonderful knitwear.

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Fighting Disease

It’s all about prevention. I know in my family eyesight is poor, depression is strong and diabetics is a killer over fifty. So for better health, it’s best I watch my sugar intake. For a sound mind, it is important I am surrounded by beautiful things. It’s my personality. At fifty I know what is self-destructive for me. Staying indoors and not exploring slowly destroys my passion for life.

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Know Your Family’s Medical Problems

I understand my body functions and the best gift to me is an active life. To fight pursue and be diligent in creating a healthier life.  Depression and anxiety with fear is a killer in my family. What I mean by that. Fear of not exploring new lifestyles is why most of my members stay in their comfort zone. This is never for me and so much so, I left Australia in 1997 and travelled all over the world.

Taking Vitamins And Supplements

I am always being told through many advertisements what to take regarding supplements. I take nothing. My money goes into what feeds my body, soul and mind. That is all about experiences. You can’t take home to your grave but you can when you choose the best life my money can buy.

I bought a trampoline due to aches and pains in my body. Lymphatic issues and potential blood clots are what I want to avoid.

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Adopting A Healthy Sleep Schedule

I sleep around 9 pm I wake at 2 am and work for two hours and then I sleep until 7 am. It’s how I have worked since the age of thirty. As for new moms, I can only advise sleep when your baby sleeps get rid of any routine. Sleep deprivation is used as torture. I don’t drink much alcohol at night as it affects my sleep. It’s a winner for me to know at fifty what works and what does not anymore.

This includes clothes you sleep in, scented candles and luxury bed linen. I call this happy colour therapy.

white bedroom

Your interior design within the home can affect your mental health and sleep patterns. Declutter your bedroom it’s time to sleep.

Drinking Plenty Of Water

Boring but true suck it up. Add lemon it kills comfort eating. If you get vaccinated drink double the portion many friends of mine have told me they feel so dry in the mouth and get dehydrated.

Create a wonderful bathroom. Lying in water is a wonderful way to recharge the mind. Create that bathroom you always wanted at fifty.

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Choosing Low Fat Foods

Eat lots of nuts, salads I find my body tells me what I need at fifty. This week it’s all about seasonal walnuts, almonds and chestnuts. Grow a garden if you have a lifestyle. I lived on a Tuscan estate and touching plants, picking flowers was so crucial to my mental health. I grew my blog by 1000% due to where I lived.

I buy vegetables that are in season. Nothing yummier than that.

I love juices and make them for me and my family using fruits in season. Juice rotten food nothing wrong with it.

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Protecting Your Skin And Eyes

I buy good eyewear to protect my eyes. As for skin treatments I own a Braun Silk Epil 9 facial scrubber easy, fast and effective. I do it in my bath with oils and candles. If you don’t pamper yourself at fifty the when will you?

Mother’s day gifts should be once a week. Find your niches within your weekly life. Pursue unwanted dreams it’s a bonus in life if you have reached turning fifty without any health problems.

Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is worth five billion. Gwyneth Paltrow understood that very earlier on. This week alone we have celebrities jumping on beauty products. Danni Minogue. Holly Willoughby, Meghan Markle, Ellen DeGeneres.

They are doing it for money purposes. So if you have that business talent go for it.

I am a big fan of natural Aloe Vera.

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Choose Your Passion

At fifty frustration sets in due to loss of opportunities because of being a wife, a mother and illness. Now is the time to follow your passion. It’s the best health wellness you can give yourself. Invest in yourself, Because You Are Worth It.

Architecture and geographically where I live makes me feel happy, where I live is important. Happy fashion and the colours I wear is an important part of my overall mental state of mind.

Time is not on anyone side at fifty. Don’t conform to the millennials way of thinking. We are NOT too old to join Tik Tok.

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, never.

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