I am looking for a new electric car at the age of fifty. One that can drive for me,  a car that can park for me. It must be able to navigate to the fastest and most accurate geographical points all over Europe. It can’t fail me when it comes to battery life and distance. I need technology that will make me a better driver at fifty. A car that makes me feel safe as a mother and of course add to my existing stylish personality.

I have been reviewing cars since 2015.  A Ford Mustang was my introduction to the world of car reviews for women. The Mustang images below were directed by me. I wanted to bring a class to how women must be portrayed in the car industry.


Ford Mustang Mach E, their electric car does 379 miles. There is nothing about this car that reflects the original Mustang.


Me reviewing the Lexus LC500

I love loud, fast and sporty cars. I adore supercars like Ferrari or Mclaren. These cars can never be replaced for how they make me feel and the empowering presence I command when in the driver’s seat. When people see me drive as a woman in supercars, the world stops.

mclaren gracie opulanza

Driving At Fifty

At fifty my concentration is less as I am in premenopausal mode. I hate driving in the dark and feel very impatient when it comes to new cities.

That means road rage can be an issue. If I get cut off, which happens many times in Tuscany. I turn into Trinty from the Matrix.

Black High Heel Boots I chose to wear leather platforms that were super high. They certainly gave me height and a very sexy overall  appearance. I will never forget when I came out to get my photo's taken. The Ford team certainly got the message. 

Car Brand Anxiety

I am dealing with luxury brand anxiety. What am I referring to? Audi, Tesla, Porsche,  and Jaguar when seen driving them make me feel rich, important they are IT cars. Like an IT luxury handbag. For the new electric cars that have come out for 2021 from other brands like Skoda.

This gives me brand anxiety. Read on to find out what I am referring to.

I have reviewed almost every electric car on the market. To begin with, when I first experienced the Tesla Model S D100 I hated it. For the simple reason, I did not understand the technology. It really messed with my mind. That is important to understand when any woman is driving an electric car for the first time. It’s an experience like no other.


The biggest stressing factor to date with any electric car even with the latest Jaguar I-PACE is the lack of fast-charging stations. This will give you and me mental anxiety like no other. Who wants to run out of gas or in this case electricity?

Jaguar-IPACE-2400m-driving-experience-Gracie-Opulanza-3 (1)

What Electric Car Should I Buy At Fifty?

Tesla is the cult of electrification everyone loves. For the simple reason, it was and is the game-changer that forced all other car brands to make an electric car. To date, no car manufacturer can match its software.

What I am loving thanks to the pandemic is the new existing car brands that have reinvented their car image. Electrification for car brands is all about an opportunity for rebranding. Who is leading the way? Therefore I am suffering brand anxiety. The image of these two car brands versus luxury car brands.

Have you seen the new electric cars, by Skoda and Hyundai.

These two cars look nothing to what I stereotype them to be in the past. Cheap not fashionable but functional. You would not dare see me driving them up until now.

Could this be at the end of luxury car brands as we know it when it comes to buying a car?  What is going to make me ditch an Audi E -Tron for a Skoda, Polestar or a Hyundai? The electrification race is on and Tesla for me is very boring in style and also in comfort, Tesla is out for me. plenty of new options to buy.

Audi E - Tron

When I reviewed the Audi E-Tron I was somewhat disappointed as it did embrace the world of electric cars it played very safe in doing so. It felt like they were sitting on the fence. But their sister brand Volkswagen, ID. 4 represent a more futuristic image.

I have experienced this and it’s lovely.


Polestar For Quirky Funky Women

I love the Avante Garde look of the Polestar. for me a car is all about how it looks and makes me feel inside. Polestar 2 is a premium five-door fastback with two electric motors and a 78 kWh battery capacity2 that will enable a targeted range of 500 km3, based on Volvo Car Group’s adaptable Compact Modular Architecture platform (CMA). Range anxiety when I read this is a lot less. My lifestyle is driving all around Europe. Due to travel restrictions, I don’t want to fly anymore. Flying is very stressful due to PCR tests and last minute cancellations.

Tesla is very loud on roads and I feel all the bumps.

A Tesla on looks is very boring for me.

The 27-module battery pack is integrated into the floor and contributes to the rigidity of the chassis as well as improves the car’s noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels – road noise has been reduced by 3.7 dB compared to a traditional chassis.

Volvo owns this brand hence there will be Volvo parts within this car. But what they have done brilliantly is create a stand-alone electric car brand.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

I saw the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo at Formula E way back in 2019. I was driving a DS Automobiles in Paris. I was instantly in love with the whole look. They are really lovely both inside and out.


It would be the electric car as a gift turning fifty just because it’s Porsche. Nice second car for city driving. This car is all about image and status. Depending on my budget I would opt for the utmost range.

  • The Taycan 4 Cross Turismo with 280 kW (380 PS), overboost power for Launch Control 350 kW (476 PS), acceleration 0-62 mph in 5.1 seconds, top speed 137 mph, range (WLTP) 242 – 283 miles. Price from £79,340.00 RRP
  • The Taycan 4S Cross Turismo with 360 kW (490 PS), overboost power with Launch Control 420 kW (571 PS), acceleration 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds, top speed 149 mph, range (WLTP) 241 – 281 miles. Price from £87,820.00 RRP
  • The Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS), overboost power with Launch Control 500 kW (680 PS), acceleration 0-62 mph in 3.3 seconds, top speed 155 mph, range (WLTP) 245 – 281 miles. Price from £116,950.00 RRP
  • The Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS), overboost power with Launch Control 560 kW (761 PS), acceleration 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds, top speed 155 mph, range (WLTP) 241 – 260 miles. Price from £139,910.00 RRP


I would go for a raspberry colour. This makes me feel very ladylike and posh.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

When I saw this Hyundai, I fell off my seat.

How ironic and iconic that Hyundai Ioniq is on top of my list to buy.

Why? Take a look at it. Does it look like the car brand we are used to? No! This is why Audi, Porsche, Jaguar and Bentley need to take note.

We women at fifty are not afraid to try new cars especially one’s that are quirky in style.

As for range anxiety, not many women like me are zooming around Europe. At this cost, installing a charging station within your home is very common. This eliminates range anxiety. Most shopping centres and supermarkets have charging stations now.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Back To The Future Comes To Mind when I see this car. Nostalgia is what we women are buying into during this pandemic.

We women at fifty know our style. We need vehicles that make us look and feel Avante Garde. We are not afraid to embrace electric cars.

What we don’t want is the norm of combustion cars coming into the world of electricification.

This is revolutionary so car brands embrace technology and design like no other. It’s your legacy too.

Skoda Enyaq iV SUV

I drove a Skoda way back in 2010 and I hated it. So in my search, I again fell to the floor. That surely can’t be a Skoda. Now I have two teenage girls and an SUV makes perfect sense. I need as much fashion storage as a car can give me. As when I travel, clothes are part of my job. This car when it comes to storage is like driving a minivan.

There’s also ‘Laura’, who’s your onboard digital voice assistant, able to understand 15 languages. Travelling through Europe is needed for me.  The great name is called ‘Jumbo Box’ under the centre armrest, and yet another massive storage space under the centre console. I have much-oversized eyewear that other car brands can’t store properly for me.

But I am fifty, I don’t want to be practical all the time. I would opt for this colour as it looks funky. This car does not stand out from any other mainstream SUV but when it comes to battery life, it’s a fully electric SUV that promises me a range of up to 316 miles. Then it is ideal for crossing European borders. Regarding price, it’s a no brainer.

Skoda Enyaq iV SUV

I am still undecided, help me decide which one I should opt for?

This year I drove in my Fiat classic cars. As I feel very sad that electric cars are our future. There is nothing nostalgic about them. They don’t even have a personality of sound but we have no choice.

Villa Reale Gracie Opulanza Tuscany Fiat 2021 (1)