Driving this Ferrari, GTC4Lusso T, I want to think again of dangerous and noble things! I want to be light and frolicsome. I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing. As though I had wings.  This car makes me act like a woman warrior.

Ferrari Lusso GTC4T Cumbria MenStyleFashion (1)

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Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari GTC4Lusso V8 Style

Before I got into the driver’s seat, I planned what I wanted to wear. I chose red knitwear that took six weeks to make.

This four-seater V8, was very comfortable so clothing options could be anything and everything. This GTC4Lusso V8 was white. I was expecting red because for me Ferrari is red or Rosso. My heritage when it comes to Ferrari is everything red.  So good thing I planned a bespoke red merino hand knitted dress and jacket, it was specifically made for this Ferrari experience.

I felt red hot in the driver’s seat. Talking about hot, there were three heated options regarding the driver’s seat. I found the third option was too hot.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

La Dolce Vita

Many Ferrari owners warned me that once I drove a Ferrari there was no turning back. In the last six months, the car industry has realised the influence I have been a woman behind the wheels of a Supercar. I am more determined than ever to get women to experience a Ferrari. This GTC4Lusso T can be driven every day.

Would I drive this as a mum, absolutely yes?

I would encourage anyone to take track days before buying any Ferrari and if buying one include it in the deal.

Ferrari Lusso GTC4T Cumbria MenStyleFashion (1) Ferrari Lusso GTC4T Cumbria MenStyleFashion (1)

It is so empowering to understand how to spin the wheels and slide here and there in safe situations. Men find it very sexy too. Brake the cliche ladies and get in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari. A big thank you to Ferrari UK, for one of the best car experiences I have had to date.

Freedom is my watchword this month, as lighter as day lifts the spirit and draws us on wards and upwards. Farewell the dark realm of ordinary everyday cars. Spread my wings and take flight, seeking the next driving luxury adventure.

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

Ferrari Lusso GTC4T Cumbria MenStyleFashion (1)