I have turned fifty today. It is an absolute achievement to come this far in life and this is why I decided to choose three hotels to celebrate my birthday. The three 5 star hotels were all in central Amsterdam. I stayed at Luxury Suites Amsterdam, Kimpton De Vitt, Penthouse and WAmsterdam.

WAmsterdam Roof Top Bar

WAmsterdam, rooftop view.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza

Kimpton De Witt, Penthouse.

You can read my review here, Kimpton De Witt Penhouse.

Luxury Suites Amsterdam

This was situated on a canal. From the canals of Venice to the canals of Amsterdam I wanted to experience the difference. I invited some friends over hence why I chose the suites that have self-catering facilities. We wanted to be in a private setting at my leisure. Not having the stress of social distancing or having people interrupt my celebrations.

Luxury Suites Amsterdam champagne Luxury Suites Amsterdam

I have been here many times and I chose this as they are my good friends and feel very comfortable here. They did everything to make me feel welcome.

Amsterdam canals

A,Amsterdam, is a great city to explore vintage clothing.

Kimpton De Vitt

A wonderful penthouse that had endless space for entertaining my friends. The balcony was large and to be able to sit outside and take in the views at our leisure was fabulous.

We could order food from downstairs, drink until we all went to sleep. At fifty due to lockdown, I wanted quality celebrations and good conversations of my last fifty years and what I have done in the workplace, as a mum and as a wife.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza

Some friends are concerned about Covid, so this allowed them to be relaxed in a private setting with few guests that we know and trust.

Kimpton De Vitt Penthouse bath

The bath and bathroom was so much fun to soak and take in fifty years of my life.


This party atmosphere with amazing views of Amsterdam was a great way to go public and have some fun. The swimming pool was a lovely way to relax and soak up summer. It was a place we could showcase my fashion and mix with other people.

WAmsterdam rooftop swimmingpool

WAmsterdam rooftop swimmingpool

Roof Top Bar

This was wonderful to soak in the city and nightlife. And have some fabulous cocktails with anyone and everyone.


The views at night of Amsterdam is wonderful.

WAmsterdam rooftop swimmingpool WAmsterdam rooftop swimmingpool


I had this amazing wellness spa to myself. I could book a private time slot and just destress. Take in the last fifty years. The access to the sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool and steam room is why I had an amazing quiet time. To be able to invite friends and just take in a very stressful year is why after this day spa, I slept like a baby and my aching muscles were so relaxed.

AWAY Spa WAmsterdam

W for me is Where did Fifty years go?

WAmsterdam rooftop view

Or W for Why Wear Olive Green At Fifty?

WAmsterdam Olive Green Gracie Opulanza Vanilia Dress

Olive Green

The dress I chose to buy is my pandemic colour. It has the importance of hope. You can read all about my olive green mental health reasons for wearing olive green.


Moss Green canal Dordrecht

This natural colour can even be found in Holland in Dordrecht.

I made this green moss knitwear blanket in Tuscany, Italy as the villa was very cold.

Penthouse Hotel De Vitt Terrace Gracie Opulanza

Endless Eating

Try to opt for something I never had eaten before is challenging. But this cauliflower dish was something I have never eaten or seen. It was so very yummy.


The salmon dish was also very unique and lovely too, thanks to Kimpton De Vitt, at the very new Celia restaurant.



Dordrecht is a hidden gem city with wonderful boutiques to explore vintage accessories and clothing. I decided to eat here for my fifth too. In a wonderful setting with organic food.

Dordrecht Augustus Cafe Dordrecht Augustus Cafe

Crotchet Dress

I adore my handmade crotchet dress that took a few months to make. many people in Italy and Holland love it. And often ask where they can buy one.

crotchet dress Gracie Opulanza Augustus cafe Dordrecht

Rent A Vintage Car

Go back in time and experience a classic car. I drove many in Tuscany, Italy.