If you’re thinking about getting the Bodarp grey/green Ikea Kitchen, it’s essential to read my detailed and unbiased review of my personal experience with an Ikea Kitchen remodel.

After experimenting with more than ten cleaning products, I have been unsuccessful in removing stubborn oil stains. Interestingly, other customers have encountered the same issue, as revealed in their reviews.

Don’t Want A Refund

I would like to address the issue of Bodarp defects and the inconvenience they have caused. Instead of seeking a refund, I would like to explore alternative door products that are resistant to staining and damage. It is necessary to remove this defective kitchen from the market to prevent others from experiencing the same difficulties I have faced.

During the remodel of my Koh Samui Thailand house, I focused on renovating the kitchen and dining area. This was a major project that involved gutting the space, opening it up, and completely transforming it. Given the size of the area and the ambitious nature of the project, I anticipated that it would require a substantial amount of cabinetry, potentially increasing the overall cost. To mitigate this, I decided to explore using Ikea kitchen cabinets, not a new option for me.

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Leave The Protective Film On

As you can see in the image below, I left the protective film on until the worktop, sink and tiles were completed. I did this to avoid damage to the cupboards and drawers. It was only when we did the colour reveal I could see the manufacturing defects.

Ikea bodarp kitchen 2023

I Did Not Do My Ikea Research

Over two decades ago, I carefully installed an Ikea kitchen that has since proven to be remarkably durable. It has maintained its impressive appearance even after spotting the same kitchen design in Venice. However, I find it perplexing that in the year 2023, I now have to research the manufacturing standards of Ikea Kitchens before making a purchase.

This kitchen colour is made out of recyclable plastic bottles. It is one of the most expensive kitchen doors. The concept is commendable but the material is not robust enough for a kitchen.

Bodarp Materials Stains Any Oil Permanently

I am disappointed to discover that the manufacturing quality of my recent purchase is subpar. To my dismay, I found six damaged doors within the packaging. Additionally, various oil stains, such as those caused by olive oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil, have stubbornly adhered to the surface of my Bopart kitchen since day one and refuse to come off.

After one day of use, the oil stains on the kitchen surface can have a negative impact on its overall appearance. These stains not only detract from the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal but also give it a dishevelled and unkempt look, resembling graffiti that has gone awry.

Imagine what this kitchen is going to look like after one week.

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Quality Control

It is concerning that the grey/green Bodarp has passed quality control despite customer complaints. Despite these complaints, Ikea continues to sell the Bodarp kitchen.

I did not have to read a lot about Ikea kitchens before taking the plunge. I visited the Ikea kitchen showroom in person to scout out the door style that I wanted to use.  I knew that I wanted matt grey/green doors. I loved the soft grey/green colour and thought it would be a stunning contrast to all of the white in our home. Including my white granite worktop. The contrast looks very chic, but not anymore.

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KILSVIKEN Quartz Stone Sink

This is one of the most expensive sinks, on sale at Ikea. The natural colour variations of the quartz make each KILSVIKEN sink one of a kind bringing a unique look to my kitchen. The surface is durable and resistant to heat and stains. Look at the state of the sink, the other half looks perfect. Again what has happened to quality control? I am waiting for an answer on this, as it’s already installed.

I love the look, size and feel of this sink.

Ikea quartz stone kitvhen sink

Are Ikea Kitchens Good?

Over the past twenty years, the prices of Ikea kitchens have increased, no longer falling into the cheap category. As a result, customers now expect high-quality materials that have undergone rigorous testing before being sold to consumers. However, it has come to my attention that the Bodarp grey/green option is of poor quality right from the moment it is unboxed. Therefore, it is necessary to remove it from the shelves for further inspection.

Ikea kitchens are a cost-effective option that offers good quality. While custom cabinetry is considered superior, Ikea kitchens are a great alternative for those with a limited budget. If you can’t afford a completely custom kitchen, an Ikea kitchen remodel is a highly recommended alternative.

Ikea Kitchen System Review

One of the great features of this kitchen design is the inclusion of a drawer within a drawer. This clever design choice not only enhances the overall streamlined and clean appearance of the kitchen but also provides ample storage space through multiple smaller drawers. Additionally, Ikea offers a wide range of organizers that perfectly fit within their drawers, ensuring that all your essentials are well-organized and easily accessible.

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Due to the defects, the kitchen is at a standstill. I am waiting for customer service to deal with the issue and it’s a process. They did respond with asking for more information.


One of the standout features of the kitchen cabinets is the high-quality hardware included. The soft-close system used for the doors ensures smooth and quiet operation. Additionally, the sliding hardware provided for the drawers adds to the overall functionality of the cabinets. An expert in custom cabinetry, who assisted in the installation and design adjustments of our kitchen, confirmed that the hardware provided by Ikea is comparable to the high-end hardware used in custom kitchen installations.