Oh, darling readers, gather round as I recount the tale of my latest adventure in home decor—the enigmatic saga of the Bodarp grey/green kitchen from Ikea. Picture this: amidst the lush tropical backdrop of my Koh Samui retreat, I embarked on a culinary space transformation that promised chic sophistication and a whisper of opulence, only to stumble upon a plot twist worthy of a daytime drama. Let’s start at the beginning. My love affair with Ikea kitchens isn’t a fleeting summer romance; it’s a storied history that spans over two glorious decades. The durability and timeless appeal of my previous Ikea kitchen installations had me swooning like a protagonist in a Victorian novel. Yet, this latest chapter has thrown me for a loop, and not in a good way.

Ikea Kitchen - Bodarp Review Don't Buy This Kitchen 2023 (1)

Ikea Kitchen - Bodarp Review Don't Buy This Kitchen 2023 (1)

Replacement Bamboo Draws

In the next chapter of my kitchen saga, a plot twist worthy of a standing ovation unfolded. After the Bodarp debacle, where every oil stain seemed to etch itself permanently into the fabric of my culinary space, I took a bold leap. Out with the old, and in with the new! I embraced the elegance and resilience of bamboo drawers and the pristine charm of Voxtorp matt white doors. And oh, what a transformation it has been! Abit on that later.

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Bodarp Doors

Now, envision the Bodarp doors—their hue a delicate dance between grey and green, a color so sublime it promised to elevate my kitchen to the realms of haute couture. Alas, beneath the surface of this chic exterior lurked a nemesis more persistent than any I’d encountered before: oil stains that clung with the tenacity of a scorned lover, refusing to bid adieu.

Before we delve deeper into this intrigue, let me paint you a picture of the setting. The project was ambitious, a complete overhaul designed to breathe new life into my dining and kitchen area. Anticipating a hefty investment in cabinetry, I turned to Ikea, a decision influenced by past liaisons and the allure of their matt grey/green doors that promised to contrast beautifully against my pristine white granite worktop.

Ah, but the plot thickens. My anticipation was met with a series of unfortunate revelations. Upon unveiling the Bodarp doors, I discovered not a masterpiece, but a canvas marred by defects and an inexplicable attraction to oil stains. These blemishes, as stubborn as they were unsightly, refused to part with the surface, casting a shadow over the kitchen’s aesthetic. It was as if my sleek, opulent kitchen had been vandalized by a gang of graffiti artists with a vendetta against cleanliness.

In my quest for solutions, I found myself turning into a veritable chemist, experimenting with an arsenal of cleaning products in a vain attempt to banish these unwelcome guests. Yet, the stains remained, a testament to a quality control process that seemed as elusive as a ghost.

Ikea Kitchen - Bodarp Review Don't Buy This Kitchen 2023 (1)

Ikea Kitchen - Bodarp Review Don't Buy This Kitchen 2023 (1)

Falls Short In The Arena Of Practicality

Dear readers, as I reflect on this journey, I’m reminded of the importance of not just aesthetics, but functionality and quality. The Bodarp grey/green kitchen, while a vision in design, falls short in the arena of practicality. It’s a reminder that even in the quest for beauty, one must never compromise on the essentials.

So, as I bid you farewell, let me leave you with this thought: in the world of kitchen remodels, as in life, sometimes the most beautiful choices require the most caution. And perhaps, just maybe, it’s time for Ikea to reconsider the Bodarp grey/green kitchen. Until our next decor adventure, keep your kitchens chic, but more importantly, keep them resilient.


But let’s not dwell solely on the tragic. Among the shadows, there were glimmers of brilliance. The KILSVIKEN sink, a quartz masterpiece, promised durability and a unique charm with its natural color variations. However, even this jewel was tarnished, as half of its beauty was compromised, leaving me to ponder the mysteries of Ikea’s quality assurance once more.

Now, for the pièce de résistance—the kitchen’s design features that had me at hello. The drawer-within-a-drawer concept, a marvel of efficiency that promised both elegance and practicality. And let’s not forget the hardware, those silent warriors of the soft-close doors and sliding drawers, which whispered of a craftsmanship that could rival bespoke installations.

Yet, here I stand, in the midst of my kitchen saga, a tale of highs and lows, of love found and lost. The Bodarp doors, with their enchanting color and commendable intent of recycling plastic bottles, were a gamble that didn’t quite pay off. Their susceptibility to damage and stubborn stains has led me to a crossroads, pondering the fate of this kitchen.

As I navigate the labyrinth of customer service in search of resolution, I’m left with a lingering question: to continue with the Bodarp, or to bid it adieu in search of a kitchen that can truly withstand the test of time and use?

Ikea bodarp kitchen 2023

Ikea quartz stone kitvhen sink

Bamboo And Voxtorp

Let’s talk about the bamboo first. Bamboo, my dear readers, isn’t just for pandas or serene garden scenes. In my kitchen, it’s become synonymous with durability and timeless beauty. A year into our relationship, these bamboo drawers still look as if they were installed yesterday. They’ve stood the test of time and use, proving to be the loyal companions I’ve always dreamed of in a kitchen. Cleaning them is a breeze, a stark contrast to the high-maintenance Bodarp doors.

But the real hero of this story? The Voxtorp doors in their matt white glory.

These doors are like the knights in shining armor of the kitchen world—brave, resilient, and ever so gallant. Coconut oil, olive oil, and even the formidable turmeric, have all met their match. Where the Bodarp doors held onto every stain with a desperate grip, the Voxtorp doors let them slide off with effortless grace.

The transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. My kitchen now embodies the opulence and ease I’ve always yearned for. It’s become a testament to the fact that beauty and practicality can, indeed, coexist harmoniously. The Voxtorp doors have not only elevated the aesthetic of my culinary space but have also restored my faith in the pursuit of a kitchen that caters to both my love for cooking and my penchant for an opulent lifestyle.

Bamboo And Voxtorp ikea kitchen (1)

Reflecting on this journey, I’m filled with a sense of triumph. The switch to bamboo and Voxtorp matt white doors was a decision born out of necessity, but it blossomed into a choice that I celebrate every day. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the path to true kitchen bliss involves a bit of trial and error, a dash of daring, and a commitment to not settling for less than what you deserve.

So, to all my fellow decor enthusiasts navigating the treacherous waters of kitchen remodels, let my tale be a beacon of hope. Whether you’re battling stubborn stains or seeking a look that marries luxury with longevity, remember: there’s always a solution that awaits your discovery. And sometimes, it’s just a bamboo drawer and a Voxtorp door away.

Bamboo And Voxtorp ikea kitchen (1)