I have been in Tuscany for many years exploring the area of Lucca in Tuscany. What is the difference between the province of Lucca compared to the province of Arezzo? If you have mental health issues then pack your bags, choose your SUV and head to Arezzo here in Italy if you are like me over fifty and suffering menopause then this is your destination of refuge. A place to recap the next phase of one’s life.

Jasmin Lucca Hedge Gracie Opulanza

My mind is changing and so is my body once again. I am suffering from forgetfulness and also very anxious about my teenager’s future.  I also need to give to myself when in times of wellness and mental health needs. Looking in the mirror is not the person I was once twenty-five years ago.

Gracie Opulanza Lucca tuscany

One issue I have is my saggy boobs. They use to be perky and looked amazing. not so now. It is an issue with me. I don’t allow it to upset me but it does. So destination helps me focus on other important stresses in my life. During this pandemic, everything is slower and people are very angry and upset.

Don’t allow other people’s stress to come into your mind or home. Before dealing with daily chores prepare your mind for calm and peace. When outcomes don’t go your way. Accept it is all about timing.

I love smelling jasmine as a healing part of my daily routine.

jasmin-tuscany-gracie opulanza

Arezzo Painting Views

This is my view from my bedroom. It is a painting view that I wake up to and fall asleep when the sun goes down. I can’t thank God enough for this current view. I am in the process of making a huge property choice here in Tuscany. If it was not for this view I could not make the right choices. It is important to understand in Italy that buying real estate is tough. I have to mentally tell myself every day that if this does not go through it is ok.

There are many more villas in Tuscany. But at the same time, I am in two minds about whether at fifty I want to invest in these old and cold homes in Tuscan. They are taxing on the body as well as the bank account.

As I wake up and walk through these views here in Arezzo. It makes me ponder what is it that I need for myself and my family?

If you are anxious about an important decision come to Tuscany and soak up the healing nature it has to offer.

The below image has no filter at all. I love looking out at the view.

Tuscany Arezzo Views Italy

Depression & Anxiety

So many finds of men are feeling so much anxiety about the impact of the last two years. Many have chosen to make life-changing sessions for a more tranquil life. Before you do this. Head to Arezzo, Tuscany and soak up what it has to offer. Holidays are as impactful as selling a home. Manage your stress levels by who you associate yourself with.  I have good friends but some I choose to visit in small doses as they suffer an immense amount of fear. Fear of dogs, fear of change, fear of moving homes. I can’t hang around fearful people with a fearful mindset.

It makes me get very anxious, confused and depressed. It makes some lazy and paralyzes my mindset in daily choices.

Tuscany Italy Toscana 2022 flowers and villas (2)

I love sitting in gardens like the above to feel calm and focused on the issue at hand.

Feeling Confused Don’t Do It

Learn the art of timing. I have been deciding on a house for four months now. It is not a smooth buy it is important I surround myself in an environment. That teaches me the power of timing.

jasmin gates

The doors will open at the right time.

I have learnt when I get confused I do not act on any big decisions. I wait, I wait and then I know when to act. The waiting is a killer. Learn to distract your mind from the life-changing choice. And get on with life to life’s daily chores.

The right answer will come in timing. Don’t force time it only makes you depressed.

Tuscany Italy Toscana 2022 flowers and villas (2)

So I am exploring the Arezzo area and it is truly stunning for both my mind and family.

Tuscany Italy Toscana 2022 flowers and villas (2)

Pamper Yourself

Make a conscious effort to pamper yourself. For me it’s cakes, clothes and ice cream. Or a wonderful swim at the pool to take away aching muscle pain due to age and menopause.

swimming pool Tuscany

At the moment I am doing Airbnb here and have extended my stay as it’s a brilliant place to wait for stress-free regarding buying here in Tuscany.

Tuscany villas

I am surrounded by lavender and rosemary bushes here. Again with views like this. I can handle the waiting game that which life presents itself.

Anghiari Tuscany Arezzo

As I immerse myself in the Italian culture and bureaucracy I get reminded that persevering to fulfil my dream is worth it. Dressing up at fifty and exploring the historical way of living here.

Body Scrub

one routine I do when I am feeling anxious is peering out my bathroom window and blowdrying my hair, or putting facial cream on. What a magical view for a peaceful start to the day.

Tuscany Arezzo

Body scrubs are great for the invigorating way of stimulating the mind.


Don’t underestimate the power of walking. When in Tuscany there are so many precious roads one can explore to take in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Netflix has made many films in Tuscany but it does not compare to experiencing it for oneself.

Tuscany Lucca Italy