I have noticed in the last year that lots of designers have been bold in bringing out limited ranges of very opulent, extravagant sunglasses. I kept looking at these and wondering if I could convert them into prescription glasses. Then one day I made the very exciting discovery that I could.

Throughout my life I’ve always loved experimenting with outrageous ideas. One of my fashion icons is Iris Apfel and her glasses. So when I spotted these Prada Tortoiseshell sunglasses I instantly fell in love with the amazing swirling scroll-style arms and knew I had to convert these to an Iris Apfel look alike. In fact, I wanted to create my own Gracie Opulanza signature statement. In order for me to see if this was a good idea, I knew the best critics were the people’s reactions to my next fashion prediction. These pair of eyewear are very special to me because it was soon after I began the Gracie Opulanza brand.



I Am Never In Vogue I Am Ahead Of It

And if reactions were what I wanted, reactions were what I got! Gracie Opulanza was formed and her glasses went on a  global public tour. Off I went to the mountains of Andorra, to the streets of Barcelona, headed to the  cutting edge of London’s fashion week 2012, to the eloquent city of Paris, to the Asian capital of Bangkok, followed by a more relaxed city of Melbourne, back to Kuala Lumpur, all resulting in a global epic fashion winner.


Photo Shoot 2015 Bentley

Gracie-Opulanza--Luxury-Week-London-MenStyleFashion-Maria-Scard-Bentley-Continental-GT-Speed-Convertible000060 Gracie-Opulanza--Luxury-Week-London-MenStyleFashion-Maria-Scard-Bentley-Continental-GT-Speed-Convertible000065

I’ve had people running after me, photographing me, yelling at me, laughing at me, whispering at me, pointing at me, glaring in confusion at me, asking to try them on, asking where I got them from. I assure you, I could have sold these glasses a 1,000 times over. At one stage in London, I took them off because the attention was nothing short of overwhelming.

The great thing about this experience is it illustrates what fashion is all about, individuality and standing out from the crowd.


2013 photoshoot

Prada 2015 Collection Still Selling

The global attention this pair of glasses achieved told me that it was time to start  Gracie Opulanza.  It is now 2015 and they are still a crowd puller so much so Prada has released currently the same version. Two months ago they launched the wooden version which is  really comfortable.


In stores now 2015

Samuel L Jackson - Gracie Opulanza

Samuel L Jackson loved them too back in 2014 One4the boys charity ball


2013 photoshoot


The winner here is the unique swirl arms

prada baroque 2012 eyewear

Prada’s tortoiseshell acetate butterfly-frame sunglasses – My CONVERTS