Oh, where do I even begin when it comes to the magnificently oversized, round-framed eyewear that has become almost synonymous with the late, great Iris Apfel? In a world where fashion often takes itself all too seriously, Iris danced in with her eclectic mix of high fashion and vintage thrift finds, topped with those iconic glasses, teaching us all a lesson in individuality and style. But let me rewind a bit to where my love affair with these distinctive frames began.

prada baroque eyewear 2012 black

Raw Prada Sunglasses made out of wood

Iris Apfel In A Magazine

It was 2011, a year that, in my fashion chronicles, stands out for a very special reason. This was the year I first laid eyes on Iris Apfel in a magazine, looking every bit the fashion icon she was, with her boldly round, thick-framed glasses sitting proudly on her nose. She was 102 years old at the time and exuded such a vibrant, unapologetic sense of style that I was immediately captivated. Oh, to have a fraction of her confidence and zest for life! It wasn’t just about the glasses, but what they represented – a fearless embrace of personal style, regardless of age or fashion norms.

Iris Apfel el pais 2013

Iris Apfel Dazed & Confused

Prada Baroque Eyewear Collection

The same year, Prada launched their baroque eyewear collection, and I knew I had to have a piece of that opulence. I snagged myself a pair, but with a twist – I swapped out the sunglasses lenses for clear ones, transforming them into a statement piece that screamed ‘me’ more than any other accessory I owned. The first time I strutted down the streets of Central London wearing them, the reactions were priceless. Heads turned, compliments flew my way, and I felt like I was channeling a bit of Iris’s spirit with every step I took.




This newfound signature look became a sort of talisman for me, a gateway to adventures and encounters I never imagined. From the driver’s seat of a Bentley to the plush interiors of a Rolls Royce, those glasses were with me, adding an extra layer of glamour to every experience. But perhaps the most memorable moment came when I met Samuel L. Jackson. Yes, the Samuel L. Jackson. His immediate reaction to my style, specifically pointing out my eyewear, was a validation like no other. It was a nod not just to my fashion choice but to the boldness and individuality it represented.

Samuel L Jackson - Gracie Opulanza


This Journey, Sparked By Iris Apfel’s

This journey, sparked by Iris Apfel’s iconic glasses, led me to start my own venture, Gracie Opulanza, a homage to living life opulently, embracing fashion risks, and celebrating individuality. It’s been a rollercoaster of discovering new styles, experimenting with looks, and, most importantly, encouraging others to wear their personalities as boldly as they dare.

Iris Apfel’s round-framed eyewear is not just a pair of glasses; it’s a statement, a lifestyle, a choice to live colorfully and audaciously. It’s about not just seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses but choosing your own hue, pattern, and shape. In the sea of fashion trends that come and go, Iris taught us the value of creating and sticking to a personal style that transcends time and trends.

Iris-Apfel-for-Mac-Cosmetics, fashion icon


Embracing Round Frames

In embracing these round frames, I found more than just a fashion accessory; I found a way to connect with the world uniquely and authentically. They became a conversation starter, a bridge to people and experiences, and a reminder that fashion should always be fun, never feared.

As I reflect on the impact that Iris Apfel and her legendary eyewear have had on my life, I’m reminded of the power of personal expression. In a world that often seeks conformity, daring to stand out is a bold move. Iris showed us all that age is but a number and that style is eternal. She lived her life in technicolor, and through her eyewear, she invited us all to do the same. Me in 2019 driving a Rolls Royce Cullinan. The perfect car to dress larger than life.


Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV MenStyleFashion 2019 Artic White United Kingdom (30) Gracie Opulanza

Wooden Prada Eyewear

So here’s to Iris, to round frames, to living opulently, and to the belief that the best accessory one can wear is confidence. Let’s not just dress for the life we have but for the life we dream of. And remember, when in doubt, add more accessories, make them bold, and wear them with all the joy of a life well-lived. Iris did, and look how beautifully her legacy shines on.