I spotted these sunglasses a year ago and loved every bit of the simplicity. What is it about the Sihouette Futura 4070 Sunglasses that got me talking about it. Last weekend I was hanging out with the world champion on the Downhill Mountain biking scene. I looked around and amongst the dust, the mud and all the brands, I couldn’t help noticing the lack of inspirational eyewear amongst the spectators. In this world of biking the fans will spend thousands to be part of it. So it makes perfect sense that fans spending cash on eyewear should not be a problem.

At sporting events for me eyewear is a real strong force and worn by many. I know people choose eyewear that belongs to a sporting brand. But these days those trends don’t need to be followed any more.

futura-sunglasses-4070-silhouette-eyewear-gracie- gafa opulanzaGracie-Opulanza-Sunglasses-Futura-Gafa-del-Sol-Spain

I virtually tried them on but the real thing will be betterfutura-4070-sunglasses-2 futura-4070-sunglasses

Sporty Couture – Extreme Sport Extreme Design

With the Futura sunglass design it is very clear that this eyewear belongs at any sporting event. The wide lenses and the shape of the frame is unusual and states these frames are extremely cool, much so like the sporting arena. I mean what is it about sports that us fans choose to buy into and make an effort to go and see who is playing and who is winning, crashing and losing. Now when I rode in last weekend into the Downhill Mountain biking scene I wanted to come in with a clear statement. I may not be the world champion of biking but I certainly like to stand out from the fan crowd.

I came in on my bike ringing my pink bell and the guys all cheered. They had not seen me in awhile and it was a clear noticeable statement for all. I’m an eccentric personality reporting at extreme sporting events showcasing my take on bike  fashion and eyewear.

Now Greg Minnaar’s mountain bikes  are worth over £15000 a piece excluding all the kit.  Now I am not trying to compete against that. But when Greg saw my bike he loved it. But what he enjoyed the most was that I was a breathe of fresh air on the grounds. Yes including my eyewear. It’s how Greg spotted me in the first place. But I could not help thinking its time I choose my sporty eyewear a little more closely matched to what sporting event I am going too

For me the Futura 4070 from Silhouette is certainly on my EYEWEAR radar. See you at the next sporting event. Extreme racing with extreme eyewear.

Gracie Opulanza GIANT Fashion bike with Greg Minnaar Downhill mountain World Champion 2015

Gracie Opulanza with Greg Minnaar