I have bought a few cowboy boots. I am in fact not sure why we don’t call them cowgirl boots. I am a huge fan of them for a few reasons. From dresses to jeans and everything in between, cowboy boots make a great and stylish addition to most outfits! You can wear them with dresses, skinny jeans, denim shorts or even plain black leggings. They look super fabulous with denim shorts combined with the plaid dress or shirt.

denim shorts twinset italy

Now for me, I am going to encourage you to let your cowboy boots do the talking. Yes, here are my brand choices that will set you apart. I have been known as the lady with the cowgirl boots with Style and Ammunition.

Always opt for leather cowboy boots. Made In Italy is a great start.

Daryl sings why women should wear cowboy boots on horses.

Walk, Ride and Run A Marathon In Comfort

I walk a lot and on occasion, I have to ride. Now I am always thinking that there is no use buying shoes that you simply can’t and won’t wear. Over the last two years, I have gone through my whole wardrobe and given away almost every shoe that I simply can’t walk in. Ditch the high heels and buy shoes with ammunition and style. The few high heels I have are simply to walk to the car.

For these reasons, it makes perfect sense to scout for leather cowboy boots because boots simply can go with many looks. So my growing fetish for cowgirl boots is why I am encouraging you to do the same. I don’t follow brands because as you know, I am never in VOGUE, I am always ahead of it.

They have to be leather all around including the sole as this makes the walking experience so much nicer because the leather sole shapes into your foot. I adore anything with metal and cotton inspiring flowers sewn into the boots, also bling or studs are my things.

Sendra Boots

I own two pairs of these and I find them sturdy and versatile in design. They have their classic staples but you know me. Gotta scout for something out of the norm. They do a fabulous summer collection and cowgirl boots teamed with a Taylor Swift rock chic look. I like to add pearls and everything metal as ammunition for when I’m scouting the streets of Europe.

Gracie-Opulanza-wearing-sendra-flower-leather-cowboy-bootsChateau-France-Lavender-gracie-opulanza sendra flower boots leather cowboy

I have studded boots from this brand too.


Double D Ranch

I have just come across this brand. Now it screams everything about my personality, hence why the name Ammunition. So much so that these boots, after three years, are still a sell-out with a price rocking over $750US. They certainly are boots that would shoot down anyone when it comes to boot style. The little touch of velvet lace-ups from the back is just truly a class of cowgirl elegance.

cowboy boots doubleDranch ammunition boots


We Are The Originals

This brand states the design, have a look at these babies. My goodness, I spotted these a few months back and when I put them on, I knew they were boots with ammunition and style. So much so that when I wear these, I could truly kick some butt. I get a lot of looks when I wear these. You could team these boots with a cocktail dress and this combination is so rocked chic. I would certainly send those cowboys riding into fashion oblivion.

we-are-the-original-cowboy-boots-leather,-metal,-bling-gracie-opulanza.jpg-1 we-are-the-original-cowboy-boots-leather,-metal,-bling-gracie-opulanza

ASH Footwear

I own so many boots from this brand. I always seem to go for unique styles. ASH recreates every season something for the customer to run back for. I wore these for London Fashion Week. I kid you not, I thought the ladies were going to wrestle me to the ground for them. In between the supermodels these boots still stand out. This is something that will attract women who understand that your choice of boots must have ammunition and style.

ash-shoes--white-leather-cowboy-boots-gracie-opulanza.jpg-metal-buckle.jpg-studs ash-shoes--white-leather-cowboy-boots-gracie-opulanza.jpg-metal-buckle ash-shoes--white-leather-cowboy-boots-gracie-opulanza


I never realised how expensive this boot brand was until I looked out for it in other parts of Europe, over £700 to be exact. This is a label that originates from Mexico. I have to say these boots are as sturdy as a horse’s back. The leather, including the sole, is amazing and the boot itself is very heavy. I have literally worn these boots day and night all year round and they still look amazing.


A great alternative to wearing trainers for summer.