Since 2012, I have been exploring new ways to get my message across. When it comes to marketing eyewear you can count on me to do so. Eyewear for me is a necessity, one that I like to hide behind when it comes to my image. I like to project my personality through the eyewear that I wear. I enjoy exploring the psychological aspects when it comes to people’s reaction when I am wearing my eccentric eyewear. But could I be that influential that the epic fashion label icon Chanel, copied my eyewear shot, or is it just sheer coincidence?


Chanel 2015 Campaign Did They Copy Me?

In the last few months I have been encouraged to see huge fashion labels being inspired by my shots. Two days ago I was in my eyewear store and my mouth literally dropped. I had to look over and over and think to myself. Did they see my eyewear shoot back in 2013?  Did I actually inspire Chanel’s latest eyewear campaign, or is this just a sheer coincidence?
What are the chances that the image is in black and white and she is actually showcasing and marketing eyewear holding a vintage camera? Just like I did? You, the fashion jury, can decide on this one.


Eyewear History

Eyewear is one of the most sought after accessories for anyone trying to change their image. It is one of the safest ways to explore new looks for yourself. If you read the history of eyewear, then you will understand why we keep buying into new eyewear images. Your choice of eyewear is your personal trademark. It is a clear message of where you are in life regarding your style. As stated in my last article eccentric eyewear is where I have always belonged. The exploration of me being me makes out who I am. It gives me the confidence to experiment more and more.

This inspires me to keep on messing about with the way I market myself as an eyewear style icon. As you all know, I am never in VOGUE, I am ahead of it.

Gracie-Opulanza-Prada-2015-Baroque-Eyewear Eyewear_SS15-CHANEL-KRISTEN-STEWART


Shot taken December 2013