Oversize frames have been my signature statement since 2011, it is why I started my blog. Today I  want to inspire you to find your definitive eye-wear style. First of all, you need to try on as many sunglasses as you can. Go into the stores and just explain what you are looking for. This is all about getting out of your comfort zone.

Shangri-La at The Shard Hotel MenStyleFashion Luxury Week London Bentley 2015 (13)

Prada wooden baroque eye-wear, matched with a traditional Indonesian head peace I bought in Bali.


They were the first to come out back in 2012 with an oversize message. the bigger the frame the bigger the attitude.  Last year Prada came out with an alternative wooden baroque frame. Which I adore because I have broken my nose three times, so light-framed eyewear is important to me.  After a few hours, if the frame is too heavy, it begins to hurt my nose bone. It’s now 2016.  I wore the above eye-wear, at Paris Fashion Week.  Again reinforcing my definitive signature style. Once again the frames got a lot of Social Media attention. Regarding street-style photography, I was shocked to be asked to stop running after men for a while and my own style was being noticed. ever. These Prada baroque wooden sunglasses are so comfortable and the colour is very versatile with any different colours let alone different leather jackets.

Gracie Opulanza The Shard London eyewear prada Luxury Week London (3)

My Prada 2012 converted baroque eye-wear on the left is now in competition with my Prada wooden baroque eye-wear on the right 2015

Gracie Opulanza The Shard London eyewear prada Luxury Week London (4)


Luxury Week London for MenStyleFashion 2015. 2012 Prada baroque-converted eyewear

Have I Met My Match

During my Luxury Week London I met Jonathan Straight in his own words On entering the Bentley I was greeted with perhaps the loudest pair of spectacles I have seen for quite some time sitting on the face of a rather exotic-looking lady.  As I had removed my host’s specs she then grabbed another pair from the console. Gracie is wearing one of the Prada Baroque ranges. Her Bentley was literally littered with frames and I was advised there were yet more in the trunk.

Gracie-Opulanza-GT-continental-Speed-Convertible-Bentley-Prada-Eyewear Gracie Opulanza luxury week london.2015 menstylefashionjpg (4)

Robert Cavalli

They are Roberto Cavalli and in summer and winter, this lovely shade of purple just brightens up my day. They are a very heavy frame and can only be worn for a few hours. They are just amazing statements of style. To date, I’ve not seen anyone trending these on the streets of London let alone Paris. Once again they are my definitive style statement, with my Social Media influence, trending eye-wear is about how the person wears it. People are brands after all when it comes to Social Media Marketing.

Gracie Opulanza The Shard London eyewear prada Luxury Week London (6)

Gracie Opulanza The Shard London eyewear prada Luxury Week London (2)

Luxury Week London 2015 for MenStyleFashion me wearing Roberto Cavalii

Fendi Converted Frames

Way back in 2013, I did this video, explaining that to find your definitive style, you have to think outside the box. In 2016 more so than ever, I do this. The image below is a pair of Fendi frames, which I converted from sunglasses to clear eyewear frames. I pioneered converting sunglasses frames to clear glass using oversize frames. Way back in 2011, it was hard to find oversize eyewear.



Matrix Trinity Style

When I was reviewing the Ford Mustang I chose to portray the Matrix character Trinity. I opted to wear Fendi eyewear with a touch of bling. It is important that your eyewear matches your face frame.

Black High Heel Boots I chose to wear leather platforms that were super high. They certainly gave me height and a very sexy overall  appearance. I will never forget when I came out to get my photo's taken. The Ford team certainly got the message. 

2016 Sunglasses to Clear Frames

Whilst scouting in one of my favourite eyewear stores, I noticed this Australian-made eyewear that was made of amazing quality. Only three pairs left and I loved them so much, I knew how I could create my own definitive style once again. Yes originally they were all sunglasses and I did what I do best. When I went back into the store, showcasing these frames.  Their reaction confirmed, that in 2016 I know I am a trendsetter when it comes to eyewear.

Gracie Opulanza The Shard London eyewear prada Luxury Week London (5)

It is important to make sure you choose the right colours to match your skin. I find black frames are very harsh on my skin tone. Try on as many eyewear frames as you can.

The Future of Social Interaction - The Fauna Bluetooth Frames Sunglasses Reviewed

Apres ski eyewear style is all about oversize and eccentric looks.

Gucci Eyewear

I find the tan colour and all shapes that are quirky really suit my personality and face. These Gucci frames that I found in Venice. Are well-loved by many spectators? it all comes down to commanding confidence and teaming them with the right leather jacket and luxury cars like the Bentley Continental GTC Speed. These eyewear frames are so unique and fun.

Venice Gucci eyewear

Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (14) Gracie Opulanza Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible (9)

It is all about commanding your own eyewear style and wearing them as if you don’t care. Which is what I am all about.

Gucci eyewear Gracie Opulanza