Filmed in 1955 this video is  so fashion forward, I want them all. Spectacles Fashion (1950s) was so chic and edgy that it’s all come back this 2012.

This video is a  lovely example on how glasses can be fashionable and glamorous already then and more so now. I love the tips it highlights in guiding you on choosing the right pair of specs in terms of frame colour and shape for a woman’s face.

Some sensational glasses are modelled and one we should get our eyes into sooner than later. Head to vintage shops and try and get the originals.


They have some amazing vintage shops with specs I’ve never seen before. Just head into the vintage streets and be ready to explore. Eye wear stores now can add your own prescription lenses in and always says they have to do it at your own risk in case the frames break. It’s very rare for this to happen but it’s so worth the try.


eye-wear,1950's,gracie opulanzaeye-wear,1950's,gracie opulanza

eye-wear,1950's,gracie opulanza