In July of 2012 my fetish for Eyewear took off. I made a choice to scout the brands that I knew at the time to see who was out there when it came to eccentric eyewear. Being from an Italian background, it seemed that us eccentric personalities of fashion and style always have and continue to lead the trends when it comes to eyewear. What is it about our eyewear choice that makes us all want to stand out as different personalities?

In 2015, eyewear brands are finally realizing the opportunity to be had when it comes to eccentric eyewear fashion. They are no longer playing it safe when it comes to eyewear. This is exciting for us women to literally get out there and showcase the eccentric side of our personalities this summer.



Eyewear The Italians Show Us How

The fact is that Luxottica Group S.p.A. is an Italian eyewear company. It is the world’s largest eyewear company, controlling over 80% of the world’s major eyewear brands. Therefore it makes perfect sense that the Italians brands certainly are still strong when it comes to eyewear. Over many years, the Italians have been true to their inner personality and style. Their eyewear fetish is one that has captured the hearts of so many. So it seems in the design rooms of Italy where most eyewear brands are situated, they have decided to take a gamble and become the trend setters of eccentric eyewear. I’ve tried every one of these on. I have to say they are simply elegant and state a lot about who you are as a woman right now.

These are my selections that are in stores around Europe right now.




Miu Miu

miu-miu-eyewear-sparkle-green-mint miu-miu-cateye-sunglasses


Certainly has copied the way in which the Italian brands do their thing when it comes to eyewear design. However, in true French style, they too know how to make it their own. Sleek, chic and a touch of elegant class. The mixture of colours is truly divine.


Dior-eyewear-2015-Gracie-Opulanza-Black Dior-Eyewear-2015-Gracie-Opulanza Dior-2015-Eyewear-Gracie-Opulanza








Now I am never in VOGUE, I am ahead of it. This is a shot of me over a year ago. Look at what Chanel is using as their latest campaign right now.