Theo Eyewear - Amazing Spectacles That Celebrities Adore (25)

Theo Eyewear

Ever wondered where Elton John gets his glasses from, well it is from Theo Eyewear. This Belgium brand will literally have you running around in blind envy. Are you bored with the commercial  brands of eyewear? Are you looking for outrageously unique glasses? Well this brand is for you. What is it about Theo eyewear that will make you stand out form the rest?

When entering the store I instantly knew this trendsetting brand was exactly what I was holding out for the last ten years. The spectacles are creative and range from normal to eccentric models.

There are unusual colours and shapes too choose from. The glass frames range from thin to very chunky looking shapes. Theo Eyewear uses so many different materials to create over the top eyewear, it is literally eye watering to look at.

Can I Convert Sunglasses To Mainstream Eyewear

Theo makes its own designs, so if you can’t find what you want then simply ask and theo can create a bespoke one for you. If you like sunglasses and want to convert them to mainstream it can be done. Gracie Opulanza was founded on the idea of converting Prada’s mainstream sunglasses to a unique successful crowd pulling experiment.

The Theo label was founded by wanting to offer their clients something other than the mainstream glasses. Today, more than 20 years later, Theo is sold in 1,400 stores across 50 countries. Jamme Somers talked about how they have teamed up with Tim Van Steenbergen, Belgium’s best designer in 2008 to create more unique glasses.

Celebrities Who Wear Theo Glasses

Samatha Jones from sex and the City 2 is wearing them. George Michael has them on his cover of his single True Faith.  You’ve certainly have nailed it when Elton John keeps coming back for more and more. The Theo label is a clear example about passionate people that have created playful, colourful quirky glasses that only the true fashionistas will want to wear.

George Michael Theo eyewear Bel Air

George Michael is wearing a pair of “Bel Air” sunglasses by Theo.



George Michael Theo eyewear Bel Air 2

Bel Air sunglasses by Theo



The commodore by Theo, worn by Samatha Jones



Theo eyeware in sex and the city 2 (2)

Theo Store in Antwerp Belgium

heo Eyewear - Amazing Spectacles That Celebrities Adore (1)

Theo Eyewear - Amazing Spectacles That Celebrities Adore (2)

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