Designer Collaborations With H&M

Why on earth would any luxury designer ever agree to collaborate with a high street label such as H&M? It takes years to learn the craft of design, let alone marketing clothing. When these brands accepted the proposal from H&M, was it because luxury fashion brands were not understanding or keeping up with the fast pace of the internet age regarding fashion marketing? Or was it simply that they were bored? Or maybe at the time they needed a new fresh set of eyes to showcase their talent and thought that collaborating with H&M was a good idea. I think it all comes down to affordable fashion and then coaching you into believing that one day, you too can afford to shop at luxury brands.

Luxury Designers Versus The High Street

If we look at the history of who H&M have collaborated with, it is truly astounding. The luxury fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar could not have explained it better than anyone else. Look at the line up of collaborations H&M have convinced to work along side with: Karl Largerfeld, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang to name a few. Why would these clever designers sell themselves to such a cheaper market? My guess is that it is all about the alluring belief of what it feels like to own clothes from these amazing fashion designers. To say and showcase to the world that you are wearing a collection by Karl Largerfeld. Also the marketing psychological aspect behind this is pure marketing brilliance by H&M. Would buying from H&M also encourage you to save up for the real thing? Who would be the next designer to collaborate with H&M?

H&M Has It Damaged The Luxury Brands Mystic

More so these days, one has to understand the accessibility and affordability of top labels. The online auction site such as eBay certainly allows you to own luxury brands that in the past you could only dream of. Vintage shops, too, have woken up to the fact that luxury brands are well sought after and will be purchased no matter what the fashion trends are saying.
But to be able to have your own very exclusive selection made by a high street brand H&M, makes it more acceptable in fashion. You can be seen as super cool as opposed to buying second hand luxury labels. H&M gives us hope that high street branding has a lot more power than ever before.