Lavazza coffee - men drinkng in london

Most people growing up will have milk for breakfast. But having Italian parents meant, Gracie was having a cappuccino. The coffee industry is huge now. It’s a liquid that literally has transformed the way we think.  Cafe culture all over the world can be  associated with how one feels and looks. Funky Cafe, funky coffee and funky people.

I like my coffee hot and strong. Just like my men. It’s a flaw in my character. But if you give me a weak, cold coffee. Oh my gosh stand clear. I have 100% pure Italian blood in me.  AND this is where it all comes out. Different coffee brands are for different people. One of my favourites has to be Lavazza.

Men Their Preferred Strength Of Coffee

I’ve been served coffee for many years all over the world. But nothing has prepared me for the customer service and detailed account of the art of understanding coffee. If it’s anyone that is going to get Gracie all in a fluster. It’s coffee sales man from France. Aurelien Casse,  a semi professional Rugby player. If it’s one man that is going to hot up my coffee it’s him. His English is so poor but I love it. In his own words this is how the Frenchman describes a man’s approach to coffee.

Madam, the bigger the man the softer the coffee taste. OK.  He does not matter what it looks like but it’s in the size that counts. A man has to be directed. You know. A good coffee is a man’s best friend.

Hands up I am a sucker for the French accent. Coffee, men, style and fashion is going to get a whole lot hotter. MERCI

Italy and London

Now for me heading in the streets of Italy. There is one thing that just rocks my boat. That is men drinking coffee in style. Heading into London Collections: Men, I thought what better way to explain my message to men. That the next time your drink coffee,  make sure you drink it in style. You never know where it will take you.

Branded as “Italy’s Favourite Coffee,” the company claims that 16 million out of the 20 million coffee purchasing families in Italy choose Lavazza.

Coffee What Is It Worth

The global coffee industry employ some 25 million people and generates $70 billion dollars a year.


Davdi Gandy - Drinking Coffee at London Collections Men

David Gandy taking a coffee at London Collections Men

Lavazza, Wimbledon Campaign 2013 Video


Davdi Gandy - Drinking Coffee at London Collections Men

We need to see an innovative new advert for Lavazza Mr Gandy

Gracie Opulanza drinking Lavazza coffee at London Collections Men 2014

Lavazza coffee and bread

Gracie Opulanza Shot


Lavazza coffee - men drinkng at london collections men


Lavazza coffee - London Collections Men The Hospital Club

London Collections Men The Hospital Club


Lavazza coffee - London Collections Men

Gracie Opulanza shots


Lavazza coffee - London Collections Men The Hospital Club

London Collections Men at the The Hospital Club