Emily Maitlis is a British journalist and newsreader, currently employed by the BBC. In 2013, Emily was the presenter for the Well-child,

“Women Mean Business. I happened to be bold enough to ask how she likes her men dressed? It has to be the most terrifying interview I have ever done. Why? Watch her body language when asked about MenStyleFashion and how she likes her men dressed?

Emily brings up the men attire at the BBC.

How much effort do men make while working for the BBC?

Emily likes her men to dress simply and not fussy.

Will Smith And Double Denim

After an unrelenting battle of the wills. I finally get her into a corner where she absolutely comes back with an unexpected response.

What are her thoughts on Will Smith and double denim?

Emily Maitlis

Emily Maitlis - BBC Presenter Interview

Emily Maitlis - BBC Presenter Interview

I am a big fan of thecolour purple. Loved her stance and loved her dress. A perfect example of empowering colours worn by one of the most powerful women’s journalists in the United Kingdom.