Hello, my fabulous readers! As I sipped my South East Asian cappuccino this morning in the heart of Florence, adorned in my latest Italian leather boots (which are to die for, by the way), I couldn’t help but delve into a matter close to my heart and Florence brand Benheart Tuscan wardrobe. We’re talking about the plight of hundreds of Tuscan leather factories. Yes, you heard it right the cradle of artisanal leather craftsmanship is facing a predicament that could change the face of luxury fashion. But, fear not! This isn’t a tale of despair but one of passion, resilience, and a bit of cheeky humor.

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400 Bustling Leather factories

Let’s get one thing straight: when Gucci sneezes, the whole Italian leather industry catches a cold. Lately, they’ve been sneezing quite a bit, haven’t they? Sales have dipped, and this has a domino effect down the supply chain.

Suddenly, those lavish 10,000-piece orders have shrunk to a mere 2,500. You might think, “Well, that’s still a lot of handbags!” But darling, in the world of high fashion, that’s barely enough to line the shelves of a boutique!

Now, let me paint you a picture of Tuscanyrolling hills, vineyards, and once, nearly 400 bustling leather factories.

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It’s where your sleek designer wallets and buttery-soft handbags originated. However, this picturesque region has seen a dramatic drop in these factories. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a mix of high fashion drama and economic squeeze. Major brands, in their quest for profits, are pressing down hard on prices, making it tough for these artisan factories to keep up without compromising on quality. And we all know, quality is what makes Italian leather oh-so covetable!

You see, the impact is more profound than just numbers dwindling. Each factory closure is a loss of tradition, a loss of a craft passed through generations. And guess who suffers the most? Yes, the smaller, emerging brands—those trying to bring fresh ideas and innovations to the fashion forefront. They thrive on the scraps and offcuts from these factories to create something unique, like my adorable red leather Gracie Opulanza backpack. I had this made during Covid from an artisan that had no orders for almost two years.

It’s not just an accessory, my dears, it’s a statement!

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LVMH Are Buying Everything Made In Italy


Speaking of statements, I’ve always been one to root for the underdog. During my trips to these Tuscan towns, where cobblestone streets echo with the clatter of artisans at work, I’ve had the privilege to meet the faces behind the leather. It’s heartwrenching to see such talent underutilized and underappreciated because big conglomerates like LVMH or retail giants like ZARA and H&M are homogenizing fashion.

But here’s where we stir in a bit of optimism into our espresso. The beauty of Italian leather isn’t just in its quality but in its story. Each hand-stitched seam and embossed pattern tells a tale of history, culture, and artistry. This isn’t the end, it’s a call to action for all of us who adore and respect this craft. We can support these artisans directly.

Skip the middleman! When you buy from a small producer, you’re not just buying a piece of leather; you’re buying a piece of history, securing a future for these skilled craftsmen.

My hiking boots were created from the same factory as Dolce & Gabbana shoes are made. I witness with my own hands the screwing down of prices this luxury brand does to get this factory to make mass products. The margins are small for the factory and the investments are at high risk.

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How Do We Save Tuscan Artisans

I advocate for a fashion renaissance, where each of us takes a moment to consider where our luxury goods come from. Let’s value the art of making something beautiful by hand. Trust me, once you’ve felt the difference, you’ll understand why preserving these factories is crucial. Plus, nothing beats telling the story at a party of how your exclusive purse was made by an artisan who probably knows more secrets about leather than any fashion CEO!

So, while the closure of Tuscan leather factories is a pressing issue, it’s also a narrative of resilience and the undying spirit of craftsmanship. We’re not just fighting to save jobs but to save an art form that defines luxury and elegance. Three leather brands I worked with during the pandemic, leather all coming from Tuscany,

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Let’s not let the homogenization of fashion dull the brilliant creativity that Italy is famed for.

To all my fashion-forward thinkers and luxury lovers, let’s make it our mission to champion these artisans. After all, who else is going to keep our boot collections as enviable as they are? Here’s to more espresso, more laughter, and more exquisite Italian leather in our lives!

With passion and a flair for the opulent,