The wedding celebrations are back. Delayed wedding celebrations mean 2022. Wedding opulence is in high demand here in Italy.
Why do people and celebrities all around the world get married in Italy? Why is Courtney Kardashian getting married in Italy today? Why did Tom Cruise marry Katie Homes in Rome many moons ago?
Italy is the most romantic place in the world. With amazing settings of views like a fairytale.
Tuscany Italy

Wedding With A View

Italy is all about dreams, the possible scenarios are many and varied when it comes to getting married here in Tuscany. From exquisite Liberty-style villas with a pool to the heritage represented by the vestiges of medical hamlets and castles perched in the Tuscan hills.
wedding brides grooms tuscany settings
tuscany hills italy
Guests from all around the globe want an authentic experience for their celebrations. Italy is all about the inspirational desires of the heart with a luxury intimacy of a magical era when getting married here.
Otherwise, why get married in Italy?
tuscan hills Italy
With historical glorious backdrops like below. Italy is the most famous European nation in the world for opulent weddings. it all comes down to budget.
wedding bride and groom tuscany


I have lived in Tuscany for four years. I never get exhausted at the natural beauty of the Tuscan hills. For m Italy is gorgeous but when getting married the luxurious nature and rolling hills of Tuscany are the perfect location for a wedding.

Tuscany Italy Florence

Plan Your Photoshoot

Take time to talk through with your photographer about the background images of your celebrations. Getting married in Tuscany during the summer is a very expensive day.

Tuscany Italy Florence

Style Ande Trends For The Bride

Just think about everything lace and tulle. In this sophisticated ambience, every part of the architecture is all about fanciful history and locations.
Here the first bride opted for a slim lace dress. With endless tulle. And a very long veil. Veils here in Italy are a very important tradition for an Italian bride.
tuscany wedding dress with long veil
Made in Italy workmanship is all about details, depth and the intrepid passion that goes into the dress. The ability to locate the most bewitching gems here in Tuscany.
Italy is a lifestyle of opulence from cars in this case an Audi Q8 and plenty of colourful guests.
wedding tuscany italy bride
After the church, most brides take their veils off as a symbol of tying the knot. To show off the lace and details of the bridals dress.
lace tulle wedding gown italy
wedding tuscany groom and bride
The veil is worn over the face when entering the church. Lng veils complete the wedding dress and add mystery to the overall look of the wedding gown. Very elegant to have a headband in the back of the hair.
wedding bride in Tuscany church

PlusSize Brides

This is a brilliant dress for plus-size women. It is flattering on the bust. Also, hide the bulging tummy. The groom too is plus-size and opted for a deep electric silk suit. with a Very youthful look. They looked very comfortable which is the key. In the soaring heat here in Italy.
plussize wedding brides and grooms
A deep neckline for big breasts is always flattering for the bride. Long sleeve dresses are a must to cover large arms. Exposed large arms don’t look nice in the wedding photos.
Audi Q8 wedding
Tuscany is hilly hence why the AudiQ8 SUV is a must.

Brides Shoes

It seems everything silver with a comfortable platform is the key to a generational Z bride. Walking on stones and cobblestones is not easy. With settings like this for views. Here in Italy the bride and groom must walk upstairs and around massive cathedrals.
wedding bride silver shoes 2022 platforms open toes
Notice they are open so you can see her french nail manicure. Platforms are smart as they give you height as well as comfort.

Hairstyles For Brides

Letting the hair flow with long curls around the bride’s face is a popular trend. Half up and most of it down. It looks so chic when the bird has thick black Italian hair. Makes perfect sense to do this.

wedding bride italy tuscany

weddding hair tuscany italy

Wedding confetti is a must here in Italy. Not very ecofriendly. On my wedding day, we threw flowers petals and blew bubbles.

Tuscany wedding church italy

What The Guests Wore

I noticed everything pink. As well as hair also the same as the bride’s. Make an effort at your friend’s wedding. The outfit below is fabulous but here in Italy, don’t come into the church half naked.

Matching children wearing pink with their mothers was so cute.

pink wedding guests fashion tuscany

Mothers Make An Effort

As the mothers of flower girls. If you are not part of the bridal party. Make sure you have your hair done and look chic. As the children are demanding and you will be part of the photos of the day.

pink wedding guests fashion tuscany

Tatto culture is huge in Italy. So as a guest choose a dress like below to show your body art.

red tattoo pink wedding guests fashion tuscany

The hairstyle here is elegant and one can never go wrong with dusty pink.

pink wedding guests fashion tuscany

Male Guests

Italian men always pull out the stops for MenStyleFahsion. On this occasion, it was back suits, burgundy suits with loafers and everything hairstyles.

menstylefashion wedding grooms tuscany italy

Don’t forget your sunglasses too. it get’s very bright here in Tuscany.

menstylefashion wedding grooms tuscany italy

Bouquet Fresh Roses

It’s the season of amazing roses when driving around here in Tuscany. it makes perfect sense for the bride to opt for every colour of roses for her bouquet. Keep it small and let the roses do the telling.
To embark on a tour of all Tuscan fragrances here in Tuscany ends with the bride’s roses. T refresh her spirits and transform our minds.
plussize wedding brides and grooms
With these wedding gowns over the years, one can do what I did and upcycle your wedding tulledress.