What do you do with your wedding dress tulle? When it has been sitting there in your wardrobe for years? What do you do when you divorce and no longer want that unsellable wedding gown? You can tie-dye your tulle gown and create a Carrie Bradshaw skirt, as she wore in Sex and The City. She teamed it with a Dior T-shirt.

I have been wanting a tulle skirt for some time. But finding the right style is challenging. I did not want to end up looking like a teenager at fifty.

If it’s your own wedding skirt then it should match your body type. What I did was add an elastic band around the waist, as I am 15kg heavier than when I got married.

To offer the option of upcycling one’s wedding dress is a hard sell. This romantic luxury is made of tailoring know-how and expressed in ready-to-wear garments.

Angela from Rome can offer to consult any woman wanting o give a voice to her feminine side.

Style Tule Tips

So combine French haute couture in embossed bustier tops and tulle skirts, with flirty transparencies. One could team, it with denim shirts embellished with Valenciennes lace appliques, for a seductive mix & match that winks at boho chic, and Texan cowgirl looks. Get your Old Gringo boots out.


Dying Your Wedding Tulle Skirt

It all comes down to your personal colour palette. On this occasion, I opted for a sky blue. As it goes very well with a denim jacket. Just keep dying the skirt until you are very happy with the colour result. At fifty the confidence we ladies have puts the Met Gala Ball to shame.Wedding Tulle - Upcycle Your Bridal Dress Style Tips

Vintage Wedding Tulle

Today I decided to try and tie-dye the tulle vintage skirt that is about forty years old. It did not work so it came out this amazing sky blue colour. I love this Indigo blue.

Wedding Tulle - Upcycle Your Bridal Dress Style Tips

Upcycling Your Wedding Dress

I opted for a long tulle skirt. As I wanted a statement skirt for all to see here in Lucca Tuscany. One can never overdress in Italy.  As I walked around the city I could see many people staring at me. That is what a tulle skirt is all about. For me, it’s all about standing out wearing a one-off niche skirt.

Lucca Italy Tuscany

I am all about matching the decor of opulence when I am travelling. Dressing up is a lifestyle.

How To Team Your Tulle Skirt

I opted for two very different tops. I wore an Uterque sweater with fluffy long sleeves. It really gave it an elegant look. I added my vintage 1980s Yves Saint Laurent necklace. Regarding shoes, I wore my gold Versace trainers as Lucca is all about walking around the city.

Wedding Tulle - Upcycle Your Bridal Dress Style Tips Lucca

I teamed it with a skull head bling print T-shirt by Philip Plein to give a more Alexander Mc Queen vibe to this skirt.

Who would have imagined that a wedding dress could result in an upcycling chic outfit? This is the beauty of being creative and also turning a precious fabric into something that can be worn again.

Wedding Tulle - Upcycle Your Bridal Dress Style Tips Uterque

Can you spot the lady in the tulle?


It is not easy to team a tulle skirt but if you just think about your overall message. Get your high heel shoes out to give yourself a taller look. Again this tulle skirt is all about being creative and making sure that others notice your idea. Tulle is everywhere these days and we always dream of a princess in a tulle dress. I want to inspire you that wedding tulle skirts are worth recycling.

Wedding Tulle - Upcycle Your Bridal Dress Style Tips Lucca italy

I also wore a denim bag I bought in 2016, in Bali. Accessories either add an edgy vibe to my tulle skirt. I just love the feel this skirt gives me and the attention I command when wearing it. Life is tough and at fifty my body is ever-changing. That is why I need to understand my wellness treats when coping with each day. Ditch that wedding dress and recycle it into something you will wear again.