If there’s one major thing that London does exceptionally well it’s fashion. More specifically vintage fashion. There is an overall attitude in the city that anything goes, which means people feel free to embrace whichever retro style they wish… and boy do we really go for it!

One of the main reasons why London is renowned for its vintage fashion scene is because it’s so readily available. Whether you live North, South, East or West you’re bound to find numerous vintage stores full to the brim with exciting styles from every decade.

Arguably, East London is considered the ‘home’ of vintage style. This is the place to go to find those one-off pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

East London Vintage Fashion

You can see what I did in 2016 regarding vintage fashion for men.

If you love vintage then you’re going to love this store. This giant vintage emporium on Brick Lane is likely to overwhelm you with its sheer volume of vintage goods. As you enter, the vast array of colours will assault your eyes but in a good way! Where to look first? Which era? What colour? The store provides affordable goods which are predominately from the70s and 80s but do dig around for other eras too – finding that unique purchase is what makes thrift store shopping fun!


Blitz London

Similar in style, this endless vintage store provides a cornucopia of retro goods from clothing to furniture, music, film, and art. If you thought Beyond Retro was a big wait until you see this one.

It’s the largest vintage store in London.

Spread across a vast warehouse with twinkly lights and quirky vintage art, this almost feels like a trip to a museum but with this one, everything is for sale! There’s also a coffee shop inside so you can admire the surrounding goods over a latte.

Vintage Fashion East London Stores

Absolute Vintage

Absolute Vintage has been voted ‘The Best Vintage Shop in London’ by In Style Magazine and it’s so easy to see why. Rows upon rows of retro shoes, rails stacked with gorgeous vintage coats, baskets overflowing with handbags – and all from as little as £15. This store has the largest vintage shoe and bag collection in London so don’t expect to just ‘pop’ in… a trip here may take a while! Root around and search for the labels – Chanel, YSL and Burberry occasionally find themselves on the rails.

Vintage Shops London Interview With Absolute Vintage

Vintage Market Brick Lane

We love a good market and they’re even better when purely vintage. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane holds a fantastic market with vintage specialists from across the UK and Europe. You can find clothing from the 20s – 90s, so whether it’s flapper style of acid house that you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here.

Even vintage wedding dresses.

Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, these are one-off items remember!

When you did go for some fish and chips at Spitafields.

vintage clothing London

Bitching & Junk Food

Ok so this isn’t a physical store and it doesn’t just sell vintage but we thought it would be well worth a mention as they’re based in Hackney and sell damn cool clothes. The girls behind Bitching & Junk Food started their fashion label and blog back in 2009. Since then it has grown to disproportionate heights and they now stock an extensive range of designer and vintage goods online. Jessie J is a huge fan of their sassy style and ‘remade’ vintage clobber.