In England, deep-fried fish in a crispy batter with fat golden chips is still one of Britain and Ireland’s favorite meals. According to the NPD Crest statistics, the research identifies that one in every 100 pounds spent on food is in a fish and chip shop.

A crazy 276 million meals of fish and chips are sold every year from almost 10,500 shops.

So how on earth are you going to lure in a crowd with so much competition around. A simple innovative way of presenting your fish and chips can have literally a lineup of people waiting to get in.  For me, it’s about creating a  lifestyle linked with a fashion era that can make your business stand out. This is why I love Poppies because it.s super clean, great food and the decor just sets you back in time.

Poppies fish and chips, Spitalfields

This Fish & Chip shop is living the 1950’s style

For the fashion-conscious person, the Fish & Chip image is not where you want to be seen. Fret no more because of the fabulous retro fish & chip shop in Spitalfields market called Poppies. That is where you need to head to. The decor, cutlery accessories, and music take you back in time. Poppies secret recipe batter is served in the traditional manner (in a newspaper of course!!) is so yummy.

Poppies fish and chips east London

POPPIES fish and chips life the lifestyle

The waitress’s fashion uniform just completes the experience and it’s a wonderful excuse to wear a little 1950s shirtwaister number! Wanna head back to the 1950s then heads to Poppies.

Poppies fish and chips, Spitalfields 1960's Life Style

The memorabilia adds to the eating experience.