A vintage ski jumpsuit: It looks like it’s from another era, but we all know these are anything but old-fashioned. Start your hunt with these tips.

let’s step back into nostalgic fashion and head to the 80s. On the slopes, I always notice vintage ski suits. The onesie is always impactful when skiing.

The Best Time Of Year To Buy A Vintage Ski Jumpsuit

A one-piece can always be found online on a platform called depop or luxury pre-loved fashion from Vestiaire. For retro skiers, a vintage ski onesie will never date. They are always a great design.

Etsy offers cheaper brands and more flexible for fits size ski wear.



Know The Basic Characteristics

Goldbergh and bogner ski suit always pull out the stops when it comes to a colourful piece snowsuit. Fusalp also rocks when it comes to a full zip playsuit. These brands are very playful when it comes to satin textiles. For outdoor après-ski thanks to its high-waisted bib pant which I noticed Colmar has a great classic design this year.

A statement clip belt around the waist is so skied chic.

Goldbergh Playsuit purple 2021

Know Your Fit

It is important your try on these brands. Ski pants and jackets vary regarding one-piece ski suits. The slim fit is really what it says. Suited for a tall, lean slim body. Not easy to ski in. Many retailers now offer later sizes. Make sure you go up a size to be able to place items like a wallet. A pocket on the slopes is very important for the safekeeping of money and car keys. I find going up a size the key. please note every brand is very different.

Cava snow apresski

Go For Quality Fabrics

The base layer for a piece ski suit is the key for comfort and warmth. Insulation is all about layering with knitwear underneath. Dale of Norway has great ski couture designs for 2022.

Dale of Norway 2022

Avoid Cheap Suits

There are many new brands of skiwear. Be mindful of the quality. Noting worse skiing in sandpaper fabrics. Oysho has just created some cheaper onesies or playsuits for this season. It’s important to note they won’t last more than two seasons. Good for the budget skier.

Find A Timeless Style

Bogner and Fusalp offer timeless many one-piece snowsuits. That also match stylish accessories like a helmet. Playsuits are great for powder days. But I am fifty so when opting for the toilet give yourself time to pee.

Opt for a clip-on belt. Be outlandish in colour. This year it’s all about military green a purple. Don’t be afraid of gold and floral prints. On the slopes, it looks amazing.


Get The Right Accessories

Eyewear and a helmet just add the perfect flare as accessories. POC and Bolle are great helmet brands to keep your head safe. Eyewear on the slopes protects your eyes as it can be very bright on the slopes.

vintage skiwear Gracie Opulanza 2022

Today on the slopes.

Mou wool boots Gracie Opulanza

My MOU winter bling high heel, apres-ski boots. The others in the background are from UGG, Australia.

Find The Right Vintage Ski Jumpsuit For Your Budget

Very hard to find, high-quality skiwear at cheap prices. So opt for the offseason. TKMaxx is brilliant for new skiwear. Also, vintage and charity shops at ski resorts are an excellent way of finding vintage skiwear. When buying online opt for exclusive offers and free shipping. FARFETCH is not a place to buy cheap skiwear. French and Italian brands always lead the way in skiwear.

Vintage Ski Jumpsuits In A Nutshell

Snowboarders I find always trend the latest skiwear. But to be certain you are finding vintage apparel. The key is that old skiwear is very heavy. The technology was ever so different. Descente is a classic skiwear for many years now. The pre-loved items are very heavy to ski in. get into the Christmas vacation lifestyle this winter.

Andorra 2021 snow Gracie Opulanza Christmas tree (21)