No matter what the weather, skiing is an awesome time, but you still need to stay warm and look good. Check out my recommendations at Happy Winter Life for what to wear on the slopes. I have been skiing every year for the last ten years. Skiing in Andorra in the Pyrenees, skiing in Austria, Italy Alta Ba Dia, Switzerland, South Korea, Lake Tahoe, let alone Colorado. Après-ski is all very different when it comes to slopestyle and lifestyle.

When it comes to Europe Versus the USA, the fashion runway at minus 20 is all about getting your gloves off. Après-ski style can only be described as The Devil Wears Prada versus Sex and the City.

On the slopes this year the snow weather has been very poor. So the alternative is to get your Apres Ski outfits on the slopes for some warm hot chocolate wellness.

Bolle Helmet - Juliet Anna Veith Signature Series Gracie Opulanza Alta Badia Italy

Me skiing in Alta Badia, Italy. This is all about Michelin stars eating from chalet to chalet.

Alta Badia Norbert Niederkofler St Hubertus Italy chocolates

My food must match my outfits.

What is Après-Ski?

Après-ski is a French term that translates to “after ski.” The term was coined in Europe in the 1950s during the rise of commercial skiing. It’s all about time spent skiing. While it’s 5 o’clock somewhere for happy hour, there is no specific time for when after-ski activities start or finish. On the slopes now there is always posh chalets I can enter to show off my ski fashion. For me, Après-ski is all about lifestyle and is equally important when it comes to showcasing my runway Moda to any resort town across Europe or the USA. Most of us missed the ski season last year. So this year the 1980s and 1990s styles are going to be huge on the slopes. With the famous House Of Gucci film screening in November. Look at what Lady Gaga’s vintage Gucci ski fashion was like in the 1980s. The likes of Fendi are sticking to fur fashion. It’s all about your playsuit matching your helmet and your skis.

Vintage Fendi

Fendi is sticking to its own DNA when it comes to fur fashion. I would suggest opting for vintage fur coats at markets and vintage shops. The animal is long dead and it is a waste not to upcycle quality mink fur. How to spot 1980s Fendi vintage fur is all about the research on the slopes.

Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments- Fur Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments- Fur Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments- Fur Fendi-Vintage----How-To-Spot-1980's-Garments- Fur

For those who don’t even know how to ski. It makes no difference because this winter it is all about fashion on the slopes.

When it comes to apres-ski. Just think fur, outlandish prints, shoulder pads and oversized sunglasses.  Reminds me of the Marvel movies also coming out this season.

Lady Gaga House Of Gucci Film Ridley Scott (2)

This year opting for white fur hats teamed with chunky gold accessories is a perfect way to spend time in France.

Aprés Ski Outfits

Invest In The Warm Basics is the key. I have been skiing for ten years and I know the art of layering is the key to staying warm on the slopes. I can never go wrong with a pair of fleece Skneepants lined leggings. Invest in turtlenecks and sweaters they are easy to layer for when you stop skiing and head for champagne and soak up the apres-ski sun. Fleeces are brilliant for warmth and when I get too hot I can simply take off layers during winter sports.

Ski Pants For Different Ski Slopes

I have skied all over the world and the snow conditions vary. So I always have about four pairs of ski pants to adapt throughout the season.

I have been skiing in Superdry for years and their ski pants have a nice ski style to them. They are loose and flexible without compromising the cold and this is what I need especially at the age of fifty. Where hot flashes and body temperature vary throughout a very long day for skiing.

 Superdry women's Snow Cat Ski Down jacket (2)

Skiing in Andorra in the Pyrenees is so much different to skiing in Austria, Italy Alta Ba Dia, Switzerland, Lake Tahoe, let alone Colorado. Each of the resorts towns varies. So depending on where I ski heading for a beer, cava in my trousers on the piste. Must match my skiing holiday. When the snowmass changes so do my ski pants. Skiing in deep snow is hard and I need ski pants with braces so snow does not get into my underwear. Nothing skiing in went undergarments all day.

So I make sure I also own a laid-back, Tahoe-inspired pair of fleece or a few.

Superdry Pink snow puffer jacket

Puffer Snowboard Jackets

I like tailored ski jackets. I feel stylish in them and they look wonderful when off to Apres Ski restaurant.

Alta Badia Dolomites Italy Gourmet Ski Safari 2017 MenStyleFashion

This is a Spanish brand called Tsunami I have owned since 2015.tsunamiskiwear winter - Gracie Opulanza 2015 (1)

My jackets always need to have fur inspired hoodies, it looks so chic. Seat belt straps matching or very Le chic too.


With vintage Gucci being the rage this winter. And all the ski advertisement for The House Of Gucci. Shoulder pads and big gold buckle belts will be essential for Apres ski on the slopes.

Gucci Gracie-Opulanza-Bangkok-wearing-Gucci-eyewear-2018-collection

Don’t ignore chunky 1980’s accessories like gold chains and fur inspired hats.



Fendi is all about fur. So skiing in fur is not so popular. But after skiing is over I always wear my vintage fur mink coats. it’s brilliant for Alta Ba dia Michelin star eating in Italy. But Fendi is one of the oldest and best.

Superdry Pink snow puffer jacket

My Fendi eyewear looks fabulous to turn up for a glass of hot wine. True to form, it’s some of the most stylish out there, with pieces like paisley Lycra bodies and leggings, gorgeously quilted ski pants, mink gilets for skiing, and black leather biker boots for the time off-piste.

Fendi’s gear isn’t just meant to look pretty zooming down the runs or in the chalet; it’s performance-minded, too.

Balmain X Rossignol

How about the 1980’s flare with this ensemble. Due to terrible two-season skiing being lost due to Covid 919. it makes perfect sense that Balmain X Rossignol has teamed up to give us this vintage-inspired look. The new Marvel- movie is called Eternals with Angelina Jolie. This reminds me of any Marvel movie. It’s all about slim onesie playsuit ski outfits for 2021/22.

Balmain X Rossignol

1980’s Moncler Grenoble

Plus, it’s easy to shed a layer once you’re done skiing for the day. Les Bains Quilted Down Vest Moncler Grenoble Masha Color-block Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater Erin Snow Red and black are an evergreen combination. Pair this with matching bright ski pants, so you stand out while grabbing a post-ski cocktail.


Vintage Descente straps I found on another ski pair of pants. I then attached it to new vintage ski pants. how the 1980s is this? My Prada eyewear.

Mou Boots Crochet Knitwear For Winter

I have been trending knitwear for the last year. So knitwear with a 1990’s vibe is huge. I am opting for purple. Great for chocolate drinks on the slopes with an open fire.


My Go Red Hiking Boot with waterproof wool is why I am going to trend the Full ’80s Ski Suit.  The ski slopes are the one place that ’80s style will always be showcased and accepted on the cold runways of Europe. The french love trending 1980’s and do Tik Tok ski shots.

The grip means I won’t be slipping at restaurants.

GO Red Hiking Boot Made In Italy 2021 Extralight sole

When To Wear Aprés Ski Clothes Chloe

With a portion of sales from retailers going to so much advertising.  It’s the French label that offers stylish, slim-fitting ski pants. Without compromising technical fabrics as well as a glam velvet for apres-ski. In 2016 I trended in South Korea winter Olympics cool metallic bomber jackets. This winter Chloé adds a splash of 1970s styling to the slopes we can’t look away. Just think retro ski suit in navy, white, and burnt orange.

Silver and gold metallic outfits look amazing on the slope.

Metallic Vesarce trainers and Zara Jacket (2)

Versace trainers look fabulous on the Apres Ski scene.

Zara, bomber jacket! I no longer have.

Metallic Vesarce trainers and Zara Jacket (2)

Stylish Helmets

If you want a stylish ski helmet. The furry mustard mittens and shapkas are on my list. There are plenty of designers that have collections meant for the slopes and the chichi scene in the apres-ski hours.

Bolle Helmet - Juliet Anna Veith Signature Series Gracie Opulanza Alta Badia Italy


Oversize Eyewear

My oversize eyewear is my DNA signature style. See you on the slopes and just think colours and everything gold!

Venice Rialto Bridge Gucci eyewea

They won’t miss me in these Gucci vintage sunglasses. See you soon on the slopes.