I ski almost everyday in Winter and for me it’s one of the most extreme sports out there for both body and brain. Fashion is my passion and I always want to set a new trend wherever I go. Over the last two years I have scouted vintage shops for unique ski-wear. But whilst the fabric and technology of ski-wear has advanced so much, it was just too cold to ski in.

Glamour On The Slopes

Now, whilst skiing in December, I spotted a woman skiing in a red jacket that got me spinning literally on the slopes. The brand I spotted was called Tsunami Skiwear, which is from a company which is headquartered in Barcelona. I contacted the company and in no time they sent me a whole ski outfit. When I put the outfit on I felt like a girl from the James Bond movies. It just looks very glamorous and chic. When I went on the slopes the looks I got just confirmed how glamorous I looked.
Now I am a fan of tight and fitted ski-wear but you still need to be able to move in it. Tsunami skiwear’s textile fabric certainly has been well thought out both in design and also for the ice cold conditions that happen now and then.
The trousers I have chosen are made from a stretch cloth and are tight fitting. It looks and moves like water to a duck. The trousers are warm and the material is very light. The jacket is warm, fits very tight and the attention to detail is amazing. The belt buckle and the fur hoodie is super chic, very feminine and so me.
Every time I ski in this outfit I turn heads, and just in pure Gracie style, I am loving every bit of the attention.